28th Birthday Wish List

Happy Wednesday friends! The first two weeks of May have been so nice outside, although I’m pretty sure mother nature missed the memo that in between winter and summer is a season called spring. It hit 90 here yesterday and Bobby was so uncomfortable that he put the AC in our bedroom at like 11pm last night! It’s officially my birthday month too which is exciting! What better way to start celebrating this month than by sharing what I would love to get for my birthday!


1 // 2 // 3 // 4


5 // 6 // 7 // 8





Friday Favorites 4.27.18

Happy Friday. The weather in New England is amazing and its supposed to be just as nice tomorrow! We will be getting some great yard work done this weekend and finally putting our yard furniture out. YAY!

  1. I clearly can’t make list this without mentioning the Magnolia Table Cookbook. I have made our dinner list for the week and were trying the enchiladas first!
  2. One of my favorite vloggers had her baby last week and she FINALLY announced his name! If you’re into vlogs deff check out Mallory Ervin and her cute little fam!
  3. I started looking for a new protein shake to help shed a few more pounds. I have been doing great with weight watchers too so I think doing the both of them will really help me. I picked the Women’s Best Cookies and Cream flavor.

I’ll be back to the grind with my little piece of the internet next month, but until then have a great weekend! 


Happy Valentines Day

I don’t know what is more fitting for a day like today other than this husband tag. I’ve seen a few other bloggers do it and since today is all about love I thought it would be a fun post for today!


How and where did we meet?

Bobby: Bec you already know where…..at a friends birthday.

Rebecca: We met at a birthday party for a mutual friend at the time the summer of 2012.

What was your first impression?

Bobby: What the hell is the matter with this girl.

Rebecca: My first impression was woah this guy is really hot! Then we didn’t talk the whole night until legit maybe 3o minutes before we were about to leave and then it was like we had known each other forever, his sense of humor was the first thing that stood out to me as well.

How and where was our first date?

Bobby: Our first date we mini golfed and went to chili’s. I kicked your rear end. It was my best game of mini golf, I’ll never forget that.

Rebecca: Chilis in Plainville the weekend of country fest. I remember this because its one of my favorite weekends of the year and the fact that I had my friends sitting in the parking lot that night just incase. Thanks Holls and Izzy!

Where was our first kiss and how was it?

Bobby: How the hell am I suppose to remember that? Did I kiss you on our first date in Annabelle?! (annabelle was his car)

Rebecca: Im pretty sure it was in his room aka his parents basement.

When did you meet my family?

Bobby: We met up with your parents for dinner at the same Chili’s we had our first date. Chili’s was our go to spot.

Rebecca: I went to help you pack for a weekend away with the guys. I love how you still tell the story of how you told mom you had a girl coming over to help you pack.

How did you know I was “The One”?

Bobby: So many things added up.

Rebecca: I knew you were the one on a few occasions. 1. The night we went to Toby’s and you “got sick”, it was the first night I had to take care of you and was up all night worrying about you just wanting you to be okay. 2. Seeing you with my cousins the first Christmas they came home and watching you and Nichole cry. 3. The way you always make me feel like I’m the most important/beautiful/funny person in the room even though I know I’m not.

When and why did you fall in love me?

Bobby: I fell in love with you the night you told me you hated me and then you told me you loved me.

Rebecca: Same. I was scared I felt it quicker than I thought I should.

How long have we been together? Relationship & marriage.

Bobby: That’s easy. 5 years and 6 months

Rebecca: 5 years! And we’ll be married in less than a year.

How do you resolve problems?

Bobby: We usually argue at first but then we sit down and talk about them.

Rebecca: We’re both very stubborn so we get heated pretty quick but what we fight about is nothing serious, I would say most of the time we talk our stuff through.

What do you two do for a living and are you using your college degree?

Bobby: I didn’t go to college.  Currently I’m a Manufacturing Manager.

Rebecca: I am an Office Manager and not really using my degree at the moment.

What key elements make a successful relationship & marriage?

Bobby: Communication, humor, and team work.

Rebecca: I think there are a lot of key elements that make our relationship work that will also benefit us in just a few short months when we get married. I think honesty, trust and compromise would be the three I think are key.

What do you love about me?

Bobby: I love everything about. Your personality being the first that comes to mind.

Rebecca: I love so much about you. The list would be to long to put on here.

How do you keep a relationship healthy in life?

Bobby: Be open with each other.

Rebecca: Keep dating each other.

Places you want to travel?

Bobby: Europe. I know your passion for traveling is itching to get us there next year.

Rebecca: So many places I want to travel to with you! Right now my top places are Italy, Greece, Ireland & Nashville. I would say Hawaii but we will be checking that off our list this year 😊

Children? How many do you want?

Bobby: 2

Rebecca: 4

What is my favorite color?

Bobby: Blue

Rebecca: Red & Black

What is my favorite food?

Bobby: Sushi.

Rebecca: Wings!

What is my favorite sports team?

Bobby: The cheaters…..aka The New England Patriots.

Rebecca: Atlanta Falcons.

What is my favorite TV show?

Bobby: Big brother, 7th Heaven, Anything on food network, SUV & Grey’s.

Rebecca: River Monsters or Swamp People.

What food do I not like?

Bobby: Pork chops.

Rebecca: Bobby hatessssss vegetables.

What is my favorite type of sandwich?

Bobby: Tuna.

Rebecca: Italian.

If I could eat one thing everyday what would it be?

Bobby: Ice Cream.

Rebecca: Hmmm this ones tough I would say a sweet of any kind.

What is my eye color?

Bobby: Brown.

Rebecca: Brown.

Who is my best friend?

Bobby: Holly

Rebecca: Me

What is something I do that you wish I wouldn’t?

Bobby: When you tell me you’re gonna do something and it takes you forever to do or you don’t do it.

Rebecca: Never takes anything seriously.

What is my heritage and where am I from?

Bobby: What the f. French Canadian

Rebecca: French Canadian. Were gonna have some hairy, stubborn kids.

Did I play any sports?

Bobby: Nope.

Rebecca: Softball.

If you baked me a cake what kind would I like?

Bobby: Vanilla.

Rebecca: You would eat anything I bake.

What is one unique talent I have?

Bobby: Cooking different things.

Rebecca: umm i don’t think you have any.

Weird habits of each other?

Bobby: none.

Rebecca: I eat more things with a fork now.

What is my favorite restaurant?

Bobby: Mediterranean.

Rebecca: I would say Chuckie Cheese lmao good thing we have a nephew!

What can I spend hours doing?

Bobby: Watching tv.

Rebecca: Playing Madden.

What is your most repeated phrase or sentence?

Bobby: okayyyy bobbby.

Rebecca: no idea. lol.


Hello February


Hi Friends! Long time no talk. This past month definitely went by quicker than I expected. Too quick if you ask me because I feel like I got nothing accomplished. I didn’t even make any goals for last month which allowed me to just enjoy the start of the new year. We have so much to look forward to in the spring, summer and fall that I am really happy that these winter months are going by quick.

February Goals:
  • continue with BBG
  • reorganize our back bedroom
  • stuff and stamp our save the dates
  • get our engagement photo book ordered
  • continue to read 3 books a month
  • celebrate valentines day with bobby
  • book our honeymoon
  • schedule all March blog posts


Thats all I have for this month. I’ll be sharing a wedding update sometime this month and I will also share which save the date we picked as soon as we send them out 🙂

Hope ya’ll are having a great week! 

2018 Goals & Resolutions

It seems crazy to be already sharing 2018 goals. The older I get the more it seems that the years just seem to go by way to fast, I feel like we just got engaged yesterday and I’m just trying to soak up every moment with the ones I love!

I know quite a few people who don’t like New Year’s Resolutions, but I love setting them and working my butt of to accomplish them. I think a lot of people think that they are a waste of time because they are easily forgotten after January is over! But for me I look forward seeing what I can do in a year.

So here are my 2018 goals and resolutions!

  1. BUDGET. BUDGET. BUDGET. Last year we were able to pay of almost all of what I wanted to for student loans but didn’t quite pay of 5 loans. This year we both have received pretty good raises and we have made it top priority to get rid of our debt. With the wedding coming up it is hard, but I am determined for us to be out of debt. The only positive I have from not paying off as much of my loans as I wanted is the fact that we are not putting any of our wedding costs on credit cards!
  2. COMPLETE BBG AT LEAST ONCE. I always start off great and end up losing my stride about halfway through. This year is the year for me to finish atlas one round as our wedding is in 10 months and counting.
  3. GET INTO A ROUTINE WITH BLOGGING. In 2017 I stuck to a pretty good schedule for the most part. This year I really want to exceed that and stick to a routine every month. I’ve planned out all of my posts for January, which is a great start 🙂
  4. READ 50 BOOKS. I read quite a bit in 2017 but didn’t keep count. The one thing I enjoy doing to relax is laying down with a good book. I received a few for Christmas this year so I will be able to start out the year with some good read hopefully!
  5. CROSS OF 5 THINGS FROM MY 30 BEFORE 30LIST. I think I will be able to check off a few of these by the end of this year! Some have already been crossed off. I can’t wait to do a check in (in may) with what has already been done.
  6. ENJOY WEDDING PLANNING. This goes without saying. Wedding planning can be stressful and now that the holidays are over it is all I think about. I want to enjoy every minute of planning our wedding because I know the next 10 months are going to fly by.
A good beginning makes a good end.

2017 Year in Review

It is so crazy to me that 2017 is over. I am so sad to see this year go as I know it will be one that I will remember forever. What a whirlwind year this has been for me. It was a very life changing year and one that I will look back on for many years as one of the best.


  • we went to our 3rd Eric Church concert
  • started our “master bedroom” reno
  • started the new year off right with a family trip to pvdonuts
  • enjoyed many snowed in days



  • attended one of many cheer competitions for Nichole
  • had a very stressful Super Bowl viewing at our house
  • celebrated lola’s first birthday!
  • celebrated our friends Jenn’s birthday
  • took my first ambulance ride from being so sick


  • tried a new restaurant that we absolutely love: Tilly’s Cheesesteaks
  • had a girls night to see Beauty & the Beast
  • finished our master bedroom


  • bachelorette weekend in NYC for my friend Kristen
  • bridal shower fun for my friend Kristen
  • baby shower fun for my friend Danielle
  • took Collin to see Lil’ Wayne
  • celebrated Lol’s gotcha day


  • annual trip to Nashville for my old job
  • picked our wedding venue & date
  • celebrated my birthday



  • meet the lovely miss Amelia
  • had our engagement party
  • celebrated Kristen & Hafa at their wedding
  • Saw Mamma Mia with  my mom, Gram, and aunt


  • celebrated Bobby’s 30th birthday
  • visited a sunflower farm with my bestie
  • saw FGL in concert
  • celebrated our nephews 5th birthday
  • 4th of July in Bristol
  • went to the mylod annual kids day bbq


  • celebrated 5 years with my soulmate!
  • had a girls night out
  • did an escape room


  • went to the big E
  • celebrated my grams 70th  birthday
  • lost my job & started a new job


  • took our engagement photos
  • celebrated halloween
  • I said yes to the dress
  • went to a cider mill


  • celebrated dads 50th
  • thanksgiving in NYC


  • had my annual ornament exchange
  • had fun at the mylod yankee swap
  • went to sugar factory for the first time
  • had family photos taken
  • hosted our first Christmas


As much as I am sad to see this year go, I know whole heartedly that next year is going to be even better!  Hope you all are having a wonderful start to your New Year. 

Life Lately: Christmas Edition

I hope everyone had a merry christmas spent with their loved ones! I know my little family sure did. This year I tried to really enjoy every minute as it was our first time hosting! Thank god my mom came over because she did 99% of the cooking & cleaning.

I spent almost no time on social media and only took a few photos, but it was so nice not to think about anything but enjoying time with family. My favorite part was watching Lola open her presents, it was so cute!

We had my side of the family and a few of Bobby’s side come over for dinner. We will celebrate again this weekend with Bobby’s side of the family! It looks like at the moment we will have 2 white christmas’ because it is supposed to snow again this weekend!


After everyone left, we enjoyed the rest of our night watching football and playing with our new toys! As you can see our fur baby was wore out.

Have a wonderful week friends!