Our Engagement Party

HAPPY TUESDAY! This weekend was by far one of the best weekends this year yet! So of course I had to share with you guys. Hope you enjoyed your weekend as much as I enjoyed mine!

Saturday morning started out with my favorite donuts ever Allies Donuts! If you’re ever in the RI area you gotta check them out.  Then mid morning there were TORRENTIAL downpours and guys I was so nervous that the weather wouldn’t clear by the time of the party, but thankfully it did!

I wanted to share some photos of our engagement party with you all. My parents hosted the most amazing party at my aunts house with the help of my aunt & uncle and Bobby’s parents. We were surrounded by family, friends, and some of our soon-to-be wedding party (we haven’t asked yet!). The party was amazing and kicked off the next year and a half of wedding festivities just how I imagined.


Thank you, Thank you, Thank you to all of the family that pulled this party off. We couldn’t be any luckier to have so much love given to us and we CANNOT wait to celebrate with everyone again at the wedding!

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The Blogtember Challenge Day Three: Summer Favorites

This summer has by far been one of the best summers with so many great memories to look back on, so here are some of my favorites!

Book: Most Wanted by Lisa Scottoline.

Recipe: Grilled Honey BBQ Bacon Chicken Kabobs

TV Show: Big Brother, this is my guilty please EVERY summer.

Song: Song for Another Time by Old Dominion, seeing them live at country fest for the second year and hearing this song live was amazing!

Memory: My two favorite memories from this summer were very easy to pinpoint. First would be out trip to Bar Harbor, best most relaxing vacation we have been on since we have started dating! And coming in at a close second is Country Fest, which is always a summer favorite in my book.

Do you have any summer favorites that will be sure to stay with you for a while?

Until Next Time,


Maine Vaca 2016: Acadia National Park

Happy Monday Friends, I’m back to recap more of our trip from last month 🙂

There are not enough words in the dictionary to accurately describe how amazing & beautiful Acadia National Park is. When we were planning our trip this was one of the key factors, and we spent more than half our time taking in the scenery that Acadia & Mount Desert Island had to offer. Here are my favorite places we explored while on our trip:

  1. Cadillac Mountain: I had heard from MULTIPLE people that Bobby & I had to watch the sunrise on Cadillac Mountain. During the fall & winter seasons this is the first place in the US that you can see the sun. And all though it was dead middle of summer it was still the most beautiful thing I have ever seen. IMG_0264
  2. Jordan Pond Trail: The main reason for this hike is that we knew wanted to grab lunch at Jordan Pond House after. This trail is an easy 3.5 mile one that loops around Jordan Pond. This was probably my favorite trail that we did.IMG_0213.jpg
  3. The Bubbles: North and South Bubble Mountains stand at 872 feet and 766 feet, respectively. We had one of the best views of them while we were walking around Jordan Pond. If you’re looking to hike in Acadia, though, the Bubbles are a great place to start.IMG_0200.jpg
  4. Thunder Hole: This has to be included as a stop when you visit Acadia. We knew going to visit during the time that we did that we wouldn’t get to witness the amazing sound we heard happens. But if you’re lucky when a strong enough wave crashes into there, water shoots up and gets you wet as if you were waiting on the bridge that is near the log flume at an amusement park. The sound that I’m talking about is a thunder-like boom, which is created by water colliding against the air, forcing it out of the inlet. The views walking around the surrounding area is breathtaking and fun to explore!IMG_0185.jpg
  5. Bubble Rock: is basically a gigantic boulder that looks as if it’s about to fall off the edge of South Bubble Mountain. We attempted to do this trail but with Lola (I primarily held her leash) we were finding it too difficult. But if you’re in Acadia and you don’t have a 6 month old puppy, you should definitely check it out. When you see it, everyone takes a photo of trying and push it off, but people have been doing that since the boulder has been there— long before Acadia National Park even existed — and it still hasn’t budged.
  6. Echo Lake: This lake was really close to our campground Smugglers Den. It was a really beautiful lake that we walked around while Bobby looked for places to fish. It was also where we taught Lola to swim without her leash! It is a great place to bring a pup, as it’s very calm and the water is always clear.

That wraps up my favorite spots while on our trip, stay tuned for the best places to eat 🙂

Until Next Time,


My Favorite Spot: Our DIY Fire Pit

One of The most important item on my never ending honey-do list was to put in some sort of outdoor fire pit & area.  We have a pretty decent back yard – and Bobby and I are home bodies, so having a place where we can invite our friends to hang out was really important to us. Since we moved in (almost 2 years ago) there always seemed to be something more important on the list and our fire pit project kept getting put off – until this spring when I wanted it done before our Annual Memorial Day Cookout.

Unless you live under a rock – you’ve probably seen the hundreds of options on Pinterest. We took ideas from all that we liked and kinda did our own thing. We like doing it that way because you don’t have to follow any steps 😉  Building the fire pit & surrounding area turned out to be quite an easy project.  (Easy for me at least, my love was the one doing all the hard work)


How to Build A Fire Pit


1. Chose an open spot in your back yard, make sure it is far enough away from trees, bushes, grass and other flammable items.

2. If you are plan to create a square sitting area similar to ours, you might want to mark out the area first using a measuring tape and marking the ground with spray paint.
 3. Use rake and or shovel to clear out grass and debris and smooth out fire pit area.
4. Lay out your first layer of retaining wall bock directly on the ground. Make sure you find the center of the square before laying this down.
5.  Stack the second and third layer of retaining wall block.
6.  If creating a seating area, add the rest of your gravel, back filling around the fire pit.  Smooth out, add chairs, outdoor lighting and enjoy!
Until Next Time,

Summer Bucket List

Is it just me or did May go by in a blink of an eye?!  Summer is un-offically here now that memorial day is over and I am beyond excited for what this summer has in store. We started the summer with our annual Memorial Day Cookout and it was a blast! Once Memorial Day has passed I am in full on Summer mode so wanted to share with you guys my bucket list for this summer!

  1. Try a few new restaurants near the beach – BLU on the Water and Nautika Restaurant & Bar
  2. Attend the Washington County Fair
  3. Red Sox Game @ Fenway
  4. Boston Pizza Tour
  5. Cape Trips
  6. Celebrate our anniversary somewhere special
  7. Mini Road Trip to Philly
  8. Six Flags New England (now that my roller coaster partner is back home)
  9. Go to Block Island with the family.
  10. Run a 5K
  11. Settle on a work-out routine. I’ve gained way to much weight and I need to cut it out.


It doesn’t seem like there’s much on my list – but a lot of our weekends are already booked with things (Cookouts, Bachelorette Parties, 5K’s, and Weddings). It’s crazy how all Winter we wish for Summer to be here and once it’s here I wish it would just slow down.

I’ll leave you guys with some photos of our Memorial Day Cookout!

Until Next Time,