August Goals


This summer has literally gone by in a blink of an eye. We have been so busy and I can’t even begin to imagine how the rest of the year is going to go!

Here are some goals for me this month.

  • Date night with Bobby
  • Try 2 new restaurants – The two that I am wanting to try are Ciro’s Tavern & The Scorpion Bar.
  • Work out 3x a week – I am getting back into the BBG routine I did. I have officially 9 weeks until I go start looking for wedding dresses and I’d like to loose a few pounds before then.
  • Read 3 books – Last month I managed to read three books. As you may know from my blog post on my summer reading list… I have several books lined up for this month.
  • De-clutter our back room – this room constantly becomes a spot for all junk. I feel if we can finally get this room organized that we will stop just dropping junk in there.

What are your goals for the month of August? I’d love to hear them!

February Goals


Alright, I know I have said this in a few posts, but how in the heck is already February? 2017 is flying by and I need it to slow down just a tiny bit. I did set any goals for last month and now that it went by so fast I’m kinda glad I didn’t, because I know I wouldn’t have gotten half of them done. Now it’s time to set some February 2017 goals, I’m being super strict on myself this month and giving myself some major goals to accomplish. I hope y’all enjoy!

February Goals
get domain for website, so I can remove the
celebrate Lola’s 1st birthday! coming up this weekend 🙂
paint our bedroom
order new headboard
celebrate Valentine’s Day with my handsome man
read 2 books – Someday, Someday Maybe & The Girl in Cabin 10
book our april getaway, Philly here we come!
order frames for living room gallery wall

For my first set of monthly goals this year I think its not to bad of a start.  I am hoping to cross all off my list with this month being a little less busy than the last.

What do y’all hope to accomplish this month?

December Goals


Well it’s officially the first day of the last month of the year. Christmas is a mere 24 days away and I couldn’t be more excited. Our tree got decorated yesterday with our cutest nephew Austin and I have already put a few presents under it. Here’s to hoping that Lola doesn’t destroy them!

Now on to my monthly goals…

  • decide on a new blog template and finally get my custom domain name
  • mail out our Christmas cards
  • share our Christmas Home Tour
  • go on a holiday date night with Bobby, I’m thinking Ice Skating and a nice dinner
  • read 2 books
  • book our vacation for February, we haven’t decided on a destination just yet but I am thinking we are in need of a sunny, all-inclusive vacation!
  • head to see the lights at Lasalette Shrine – this is one of my favorite traditions
  • participate in Sarah & Victoria’s Christmas Link Up 🙂

 photo linkupgraphic_zpsb5zwlsoa.jpg


What do you all have in store for the busiest month of the year? I would love to hear how you spend the holidays 🙂