Wedding Planning Update II

I’m back today on this fine Wednesday to share a little wedding update. Can I admit something completely embarrassing while I’m at it? Have any of you other ladies while planning your wedding, had moments of just needing to let a cry out? Not even because of being stressed (I haven’t gotten to that point just yet) but because your just so excited to marry your best friend and to start such an amazing part of your lives together. Well I have had quite a few of those moments lately. I am just soaking in this engagement with Bobby and planning one of the most special days with him is so much more fun then I had ever imagined.


So with less than a year to go; here’s where we are at with planning!


  • We took our engagement photos! We wanted to wait until fall & the foliage was at the peak to do our photos, well with all the warm weather it wasn’t a fall as I wanted but thats okay. They were taken a few weeks ago, our photographer said the turn around for the photos would be 4-6 weeks so we should be getting them back around Thanksgiving! Thankfully we got a sneak peak, otherwise i’d been going nuts! We loved our photographer Bob and can’t wait to work with him again for the wedding! He worked with us so well and really made us feel so comfortable.
  • I said yes to the dress! I was but wasn’t looking forward to this. It was by far the funnest part of planning to date and I felt like million bucks the entire time. That appointment really made things feel “real” with only one year to go until the big day I am starting to check things off our list little by little!
  • We decided where to register! We choose to do Target and Bed Bath & Beyond. I feel like this will be a great day date for Bobby and I to do this month or next. I have been reading quite a bit of blogs to figure out what to register for. We already live together so we’re mostly going to be just updating all of the hand me downs we received when we bought our house to things that we actually like.
  • Booked the hotel block for wedding guest for the night before and the night of the wedding.


  • Book a florist. I am still looking for inspiration of what I want for my bouquet and centerpieces. I think we have figured out what we are doing for the aisle decorations, boutonnieres and bridesmaids bouquets. Once I have figured out what I want I will reach out to a few places for pricing and research the heck out of the internet for some of the best places around.
  • Cake. We haven’t decided what to do for our cake. I have a few places we need to call to set up tastings. I hopefully will get this done by the end of the month.
  • Bridesmaid Dresses. Now that I have my dress, we can go start looking around for bridesmaid dresses. All I know is that I want the girls to be in long dresses, in a certain designer and the same color. I want to let the girls choose the style they feel the best in, but we will see when we go start to try some on.
  • I’ve started making a list of places to have our rehearsal dinner. Once the holidays are over I am hoping to sit down with everyone and decide on what works within the budget and make a invite list and start to look for invitations.
  • Book the honeymoon. Again once the holidays are over, we plan to go sit with AAA and/or a travel agent to get some pricing. We’re pretty set on a destination but haven’t planned much besides picking a place.
  • All the little details…. there are so many things that you don’t think of when you first start planning that can easily get overwhelming – I am trying my best to pick up things over time so I don’t have to worry so much come next year.



Wedding Planning Update

It’s been a while since I have checked in on where we are at in the process of planning our wedding, so I’m taking this fine Wednesday to do just that. We’ve been engaged three and a half months now and although the wedding is still over a year away we are making so much progress on everything!

Bourgeault-8 (1)


  • We picked a date! We both really wanted a fall wedding and since we are expecting to pay for our wedding ourselves, we decided on a Saturday in October of 2018! We have another 15 months to plan and I am so excited for it all.
  • We have a venue! I will be 100% honest and say it was the most stressful part of wedding planning so far. Neither of us were set on a date, we just knew we wanted a fall wedding. Going into it there were three places I really wanted to go and see – all of them barn type venues within 45 minutes of our house. We fell in love with one option but ultimately decided against it because it was over our budget and the food options were too fancy for us – if we were going to break the bank I needed to be happy with the food. In the long run we ended up going with the absolute right venue for us it is the perfect mix of rustic yet elegant and I can’t wait for our wedding day to be here!
  • We had our engagement party with some of our closest friends and family! See post here for my recap with some photos.
  • We’ve picked our bridesmaids and groomsmen! I asked my last bridesmaid last week and I plan on sharing how I asked in a later post. Bobby has yet to ask his guys.
  • We hired our DJ! This was Bobby’s choice as it was most important to him. We went to our good friends wedding last July and they had a GREAT DJ – so we reached out to him, had a meeting and booked him on the spot. We cannot wait to dance the night away with everyone.
  • We booked our photographer & videographer! This was BY FAR the biggest decision for us to make. I knew I wanted both – there was no budging on my end even when Bobby didn’t understand the need for a videographer. After researching so many places and seeing prices almost double of what our budget was – we found George Street Photo who fit right into our budget. I had mixed feelings on going with a company that pretty much outsources one of, if not the most important parts of our wedding but after meeting with them a lot of my worries were gone. We got to choose our photographer who has worked with one of my besties on a wedding she coordinated and I have heard great things about him.  SO far the process of communication has been seamless and they have really helped out with any questions I had.


  • Our guest list. A few days after we got engaged we had our parents over and came up with a preliminary list of people and divided them into three categories. our family, our friends, and our family friends. I am hoping to have the list finalized by the end of the month.
  • Registering! Since we will have lived together for over 4 years by the time we get married, there’s not much that we actually “need” but we are both excited to register for more updated pieces for our home as well as the big splurges we potentially wouldn’t buy ourselves.
  • Searching for engagement outfits. We are taking our photos in October when fingers crossed the beautiful New England foliage is around. I am so excited!


Did any of you have a longer engagement? I’d love to hear any wedding advice you ladies have! 

Our Engagement Party

HAPPY TUESDAY! This weekend was by far one of the best weekends this year yet! So of course I had to share with you guys. Hope you enjoyed your weekend as much as I enjoyed mine!

Saturday morning started out with my favorite donuts ever Allies Donuts! If you’re ever in the RI area you gotta check them out.  Then mid morning there were TORRENTIAL downpours and guys I was so nervous that the weather wouldn’t clear by the time of the party, but thankfully it did!

I wanted to share some photos of our engagement party with you all. My parents hosted the most amazing party at my aunts house with the help of my aunt & uncle and Bobby’s parents. We were surrounded by family, friends, and some of our soon-to-be wedding party (we haven’t asked yet!). The party was amazing and kicked off the next year and a half of wedding festivities just how I imagined.


Thank you, Thank you, Thank you to all of the family that pulled this party off. We couldn’t be any luckier to have so much love given to us and we CANNOT wait to celebrate with everyone again at the wedding!

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We Have A Venue & Date!

We’re halfway through the week and I couldn’t be more excited about that! We have been trudging along with wedding planning these last few months and I couldn’t be happier to share that we have picked our venue!

Picking the venue is probably one of, if not the biggest decisions of the whole wedding, and in my opinion so far it has definitely the hardest. Bobby and I knew the time of year that we wanted to get married and we knew we wanted it to be next year so we didn’t have much time to decided in order to secure the date.

We looked at three venues total – all were barn venues. Of the three we hated one, liked one, and loved one. In the end we decided to go with the one we liked, in order to make our budget work.

The Venue: Bittersweet Farm – Westport MA

Bittersweet Farm is set on 29 acres of farmland in Westport, Massachusetts. It dates back to the 1920s, and allows for us to have an outdoor ceremony & cocktail hour with an indoor reception. It has a beautiful rustic atmosphere and we cannot wait to get married here.



The BIG day: October 20, 2018

It seems so so so far away but right now we are both just enjoying this time of being engaged and we know that the wedding day will be here before we know it. What they say is true, time flies when you’re having fun! We have our first wedding event at the end of the month – our engagement party. We are so blessed with the most amazing family to be throwing it for us! We are eagerly awaiting it to be here!

If anyone has any wedding planning tips, please drop a comment below. I am all ears for some advice! 

Four Years <3

Bobby and I celebrated our 4 year anniversary yesterday. And although he doesn’t read my blog I couldn’t let such an important date go by without it being mentioned on here. I mean 4 years is a long time in my eyes.

We hadn’t had Lola for a few days so Bobby went and picked her up after work and we had a nice dinner at home as our little family. Funny story….Bobby had asked me earlier in the day what time I was getting out of work, so I of course told him my normal time (even though I was leaving early to get him part of his gift), and I thought nothing of it since he’s not big into surprises. Well turns out he was surprising me at work by bringing flowers! He’s so thoughtful that boy ❤ but he was so upset that I didn’t get to see them yesterday, I guess next time I won’t leave work early. I got them when I walked into my office this morning, and they are the most beautiful flowers he’s ever picked out!

We have had a crazy four years together, I feel like I have grown into an adult with him by my side, we support each other through everything good and bad. He’s my best friend and I cannot wait to one day be his wife. I feel so lucky to be in a relationship with him and to be able to wake up and do this thing called life with him every day.

Until Next Time,