Girl Chat: Easter Baskets

It’s time for the monthly girl chat link up, and this months is super fun because we get to talk about Easter Baskets.

This year I am a little behind on getting Bobby & Lola’s baskets done simply because I feel like Easter has snuck up on us way to fast! Since I don’t have either of them finished I thought I would share with you what I did for them both last year.


Men’s Button Down: Bobby’s new job requites him to dress up everyday except Friday now, so he’s always looking for new button ups that he can not only wear to work but when we go out.

Copper Planter: Target has zero manly easter baskets so I went to the next best thing I could find. This marble planter.

Jelly Beans: Because what good is an easter basket without candy? Especially for my sweet tooth loving husband to be.

Chef’s Cut Beef Jerky: This is by far Bobby’s favorite snack! When we have down time you can find bobby making his own jerky.

Bocce’s Bakery Carrot Cake Treats: I love getting lola holiday treats. PetSmart has a little sectioning the store for each holiday and I was able to find these goodies there!

Bunny Toys: I found these at the end cap of an isle at PetSmart. They were literally ruined by the end of the night. But they were only $2 a piece so its fine!

Easter Bunny Cookie: Again PetSmart for the win! This was a special treat for Lola because cookies like this are usually more expensive then I want to spend, so she rarely gets them. She was very happy the easter bunny brought her this.

Do you guys have as much fun as I do putting together baskets for loved ones?



TBB Asks: March Beauty Edition

1. Eyelash Curler Yes or No? no!  My lashes are pretty great on their own so I don’t see the need to add another daunting task to my makeup routine.
2. Favorite Nail Shade? my go to year round color is Essie’s Chinchilly!
3. Favorite Lipstick Shade? my go to color is a nude, but most of the time I’m just wearing carmex lip balm.
4. Blow Dry or Air Dry your hair? If I’m going out or notice my hair has been greasy ill blow dry it, but 90% of the time I let it air dry cause.
5. Artificial Nails: Yes or No? No!
6. Foundation: Yes or No? both. it depends not the coverage I need and what I am doing.
7. Hair Up or Hair Down? 99% of the time my hair is up in a messy bun. YOLO.
8. Bar Soap or Body Wash? bar soap! but lately i’ve been using Raw Sugar Lemon Sugar Body Wash. It smells heavenly.
9. Bath or Shower?  baths 100%
10. Favorite Body lotion? not gonna lie I use whatever is on sale.
11. Do you wear perfume? Is so, favorite scent? yep. Marc Jacobs Daisy.
12. Do you shave your legs everyday? no way. in the summer maybe but i don’t have time for that.
13. Favorite Lip Balm? carmex classic lip balm medicated FOREVER
14. How old were you when you first started wearing make-up? probably at some point in high school, but I didn’t actually wear it daily until after I was out of college.

2018 Travel Goals

This year we don’t have much on our travel list because we are spending much of our money on the wedding. Butttt we do have a few trips in mind that won’t break the bank we would like to do before the wedding and we have our honeymoon destination picked out so obviously thats on this list!


  1. Vermont. I really want to learn to ski this year. I want to have hobby that both Bobby and I can do once we have kids and I think skiing would be great for us to both learn at the same time. There are quite a few mountains within a close drive that we can learn before going away for a weekend.
  2. Cape Cod. A few day trips. Some of my favorite memories are with Bobby down on Cape Cod. We didn’t make it there much this past year but I would like to take a few trips this summer doing the things we love.
  3. Hawaii. This I cannot wait for. I already bought two dresses for this trip. We are going to do two islands Maui and Oahu. We go sit with a travel agent in a few weeks to get it all booked! If you have any recommendations please send them my way! I’ve literally been in honeymoon planning mode for the past few weeks and have been reading blogs and pinteresting my life away.
  4. Atlanta. This will be a post wedding trip. We will take a long weekend to go see the Falcons play since we weren’t able to this year. Bobby is all sorts of hyped because of their new stadium.

To be honest these few things would be fun to do but if we only make it to Hawaii for our honeymoon this year I would be okay with that too. I think 2019 will be our year of travel and enjoying life as newlyweds.

Where do you guys hope to travel to this year? 

gift guide for the dog mom


Last year for this prompt I focused on the foodie. This year because i’m a crazy dog mom I thought I would put together a gift guide for us dog moms! And because I love supporting small businesses almost all of the choices are from my favorite place – Easy. Also had to include my fur baby in this post, because I mean just look at her!

Working Hard So My Dog Can Have A Good Life Sweatshirt

World’s Best Dog Mom Mug

The Wild One Friendship Collar

I’m Not Like A Regular Mom I’m A Dog Mom – Funny Dog Mom Shirt

Personalized Dog Ornament

No Need to Knock

Sleeps with Dogs


This was such a fun gift guide to create. Pretty much all of these things are on my favorites list and I need them in my life.


And that wraps up the first week of the link up with Victoria & Sarah as well as their cohosts! I love linking up with these ladies during the holidays as it makes it so much fun with my blogging. Come back next week to see all the fun prompts they have come up with!



Thanksgiving 2017 in NYC

I planned to have this recap up Monday – but after the long holiday weekend, work was busy and life got in the way so that just didn’t happen. If you read my previous posts you know that we did something different this year and headed to NYC for Thanksgiving.

Our weekend started early Wednesday morning as we had to drop Lola off at the dog sitters before heading to meet up with everyone at my Aunts. We were heading into the city early because we heard that it was fun to see the parade balloons get blown up – well let me tell you something that all of the other articles online don’t – its not worth it. We walked from the Hilton in Midtown all the way to the area where the balloons get blown up and it was packed like sardines. It took me literally two minutes to decide that I was not even going to attempt to get to the actual balloons. What I was mostly looking forward to this day anyway was our dinner at Serendipity 3.

While Serendipity 3 is all over social media, I fell in love with the place when I watched the movie Serendipity years ago and it has been on my list of places to go to since. When we got there there was such a large line I am so glad we made reservations months ago! The one thing I will say though is if you have a large group of people, you should skip eating here. The atmosphere is so beautiful but it was really hard for them to make a table for 13 people and I think I was the only one of my family who thought it was worth going here. The food was mediocre but the dessert was to die for. Food Recommendation: Frrrozen Hot Chocolate (DUH)

Thursday morning was an even earlier start as we wanted to get great seats for the parade. We lucked out that my Gram stayed on the parade route – so only guests of the hotel got to sit where we did. It was a LONG day fueled by Starbucks. Once the parade was over we went for our Thanksgiving dinner, at Ellen’s Stardust Diner which was a fun experience. The only issue I had was that it was SO loud – which is expected because all of the waitstaff are upcoming broadway stars. I give them props though because they are non stop singing while you eat.


Friday we finally got to sleep in! It was nice to not have to set an alarm to wake us up at the crack of dawn, and it was even better because we were able to eat breakfast at the hotel – complementary waffles! We didn’t really have a set plan for this day which was nice because it was a day for each family to do their own thing. The whole family decided to go ice skating (just a few of us actually skated) and then Bobby & I broke out on our own to do some shopping & check out the window displays at the department stores. This year Saks Fifth Ave had a Snow White theme which was amazing and also a friend of mine that worked at disney advised that the displays are actually a dismantled ride from disneyworld!


We were able to pick up a few gifts and some goodies for ourselves. We grabbed lunch together and then met back up with some of the group to go to Magnolia Bakery! This was another place on my list, and it was well worth the wait to get in – because their Banana Pudding is the bomb. Then we got some NY pizza and headed back to the hotel to rest for the night which was much needed. Walking around NYC is no joke.


Saturday it was finally time to head home, but not before we stopped by Carlos Bakery! Thankfully because it was thanksgiving weekend there was no line when we go there and we were able to walk in and out. It definitely lived up to what I was expecting. The apple turnover is amazing and Bobby said the cannoli’s were great as well.

And the concludes our Thanksgiving in NYC! It was a great weekend, but Bobby & I were ready to be back home with our Lola girl. Next time we go to NYC we would love to be there for when they light the Rockefeller tree, and would like to be able to catch a few shows and go to the 911 memorial.

Hope you all are having a fantastic week and had an amazing holiday! 

Weekend Recap

Happy Tuesday Friends!

This weekend was a great start to my October! Now that I am at my new job, I am fortunate to start my weekend on Fridays at 3:30pm – the earliest i’ve ever gotten out of work. I was so excited for the weekend to start, because I knew fun things were happening!

Friday: I went home to play a bit with Lola girl since Bobby is outta town for the weekend. I had plans to go out to eat for dinner with my mom & dad at our favorite Fish & Chips place Ye Olde English – so getting some of Lola’s energy out before I had to leave again was necessary. My gram, cousin and aunt ended up joining us for dinner! I love family time and to make things better Nichole came back to spend the night with me so I wasn’t lonely!

Saturday: THE DAY I HAVE BEEN LOOKING FORWARD TO SINCE I GOT ENGAGED. Some of the most important ladies in my life came with me to find my wedding dress! It was something that I was so excited to do, but also dreading because I have not lost as much weight as I wanted to before the appointment.

As soon as we got to the store I immediately felt special. They had a sign out front that had my name on it, welcoming me to my appointment. How freaking cute is that?!? I had heard such great things about Ve’Lace Bridal and I am so glad I chose to go there first.


Once I got into the store I checked in, and advised what style I liked and showed them a few pictures of what I liked. Well it’s true what they say that you may not actually like the things you see in the magazines. I had such a strong opinion on what I wanted to try on – but thankfully I had the most amazing bridal associate helping me. Big Shoutout to Shadia for helping me feel the most beautiful I have EVER felt.


Shadia was unbelievable in really opening my eyes to different style dresses that I thought I didn’t want. I told her what I liked but was also open to try on anything since this was my first time ever trying on bridal gowns! Little did I know I’d fall completely in love with I think the 10th dress I tried on. I had loved it so much – but there were still some things that I wanted to change, so I tried on other dresses but I couldn’t stop comparing everyone to that one. I spoke with Shadia in the dressing room about my thoughts and she assured me that the few changes I wanted could easily be made. Thats when I stepped back out in that dress and let the ladies know it was the one.

Once she matched the veil to my dress, the tears could not stop! I knew I had found my dream dress and I could not be happier!! I’m so excited to bring my girls back to shop for their bridesmaids dresses there and hope they have the same great experience that I did (I have no doubt that they will!)

After a wonderful appointment we headed to lunch. It was so nice to talk about all things wedding related, further kids names, and just have a fun girls morning and afternoon.

Sunday: It was such a crappy day – legit overcast and rain ALL day. But I went sunflower picking with my mom and finished getting our engagement picture outfits complete. We have them a week from Sunday! I am so excited!

Monday: Happy Columbus Day! We spent the day doing one of our bucket list items. Visiting Clyde’s Cider Mill. We had heard great things about their hard cider & wine so we ventured to Mystic CT with the family. It was a fun day. After hanging around for a bit at the cider mill watching their process of making the cider we headed to Mystic Pizza.



I had the absolute best weekend and hope you did too! Hopefully this week flies by since its only a 4 day work week.

Weekend Recap

Happy Monday Friends!

We started off our monday with Lola girl getting out of the house and having to chase her 😐 thankfully the day got better from there! Sharing with you the fun stuff that happened this weekend.

Friday we had the day off to head into Boston for THE BEST CONCERT EVER. If you we’re born in the 90’s, like country music, and don’t live under a rock you would have enjoyed this show…Florida Georgia Line, Backstreet Boys, Nelly & Chris Lane. I have been to a lot of concerts and I can easily say it was the best I have been too.

Saturday morning we slept in since we didn’t get home until 1am and my aunt had Lola so we actually could sleep! I had to babysit too so it was nice to get some rest before handling the two munchkins.

Sunday we had a relaxing day too and my parents came over for dinner and to help Bobby put up the railings on our back deck. After dinner we went to our favorite ice cream spot the Ice Cream Machine with both parents and Lola girl. She even got to try their homemade puppy ice cream! And no surprise she loved it.


It was a complete low key weekend, but it was what we needed after the running around we’ve been doing lately. I hope you all had a great weekend!