Girl Chat: Easter Baskets

It’s time for the monthly girl chat link up, and this months is super fun because we get to talk about Easter Baskets.

This year I am a little behind on getting Bobby & Lola’s baskets done simply because I feel like Easter has snuck up on us way to fast! Since I don’t have either of them finished I thought I would share with you what I did for them both last year.


Men’s Button Down: Bobby’s new job requites him to dress up everyday except Friday now, so he’s always looking for new button ups that he can not only wear to work but when we go out.

Copper Planter: Target has zero manly easter baskets so I went to the next best thing I could find. This marble planter.

Jelly Beans: Because what good is an easter basket without candy? Especially for my sweet tooth loving husband to be.

Chef’s Cut Beef Jerky: This is by far Bobby’s favorite snack! When we have down time you can find bobby making his own jerky.

Bocce’s Bakery Carrot Cake Treats: I love getting lola holiday treats. PetSmart has a little sectioning the store for each holiday and I was able to find these goodies there!

Bunny Toys: I found these at the end cap of an isle at PetSmart. They were literally ruined by the end of the night. But they were only $2 a piece so its fine!

Easter Bunny Cookie: Again PetSmart for the win! This was a special treat for Lola because cookies like this are usually more expensive then I want to spend, so she rarely gets them. She was very happy the easter bunny brought her this.

Do you guys have as much fun as I do putting together baskets for loved ones?



Our Save The Dates

While Massachusetts is recovering from our 3rd nor’easter in three weeks, I thought today was a great day to share the save the dates we went with!

A few weeks ago, I shared the process of looking and what was important to us when picking our save the dates. I have ordered so many cards and invitations from Minted and I knew I wouldn’t be disappointed when I finally decided on using them. I’m excited to share the save the date we picked with you guys today!

Screen Shot 2018-01-08 at 1.46.45 PM

We decided on the maybe I’m amazed design from Minted and I am so happy with how it turned out! In my opinion it is a perfect mix of rustic yet elegant and we were able to use multiple shots from our engagement shoot. We went with the standard 5 x 7 cardstock with another photo on the back along with a little story about us and our wedding website link. Once we added the promo code that they were offering they still ended up being under $150!

I am so pleased with our save the dates and we have already received such nice compliments on how everyone loved them. The biggest compliment was the little story on the back, which if it wasn’t for the suggestion from minted I would have never done it!

 I am super excited to now start looking for our wedding invitations and can’t wait to share them with you once we have decided on them! Happy Wednesday!

Friday Favorites

TGIF. In all sense of the saying I mean it. This week was rough! I had jury duty Wednesday and we had ANOTHER nor’easter yesterday. Times like this remind me why I started blogging, just writing this post was relaxing and fun for me.

  1. I have been making one dish every week from The Daily Dose of Pepper blog and I still haven’t been disappointed by any of them and thankfully Bobby likes them too – we had the One Pot Chicken Con Broccoli this week and it will be on the menu again soon!
  2. Our videographer allows us to send them some links of videos we like as inspiration for them to go by when creating our video. Since I couldn’t afford ANY of the videographers I loved I have been watching some highlight videos and stumbled upon this video and ugh love love love. I lost my sister when I was 4 and the part when all of the groomsmen put a white rose for the grooms brother seriously pulls at my heart strings, such a great idea that I may steal.
  3. I stumbled upon @foxandwit on instgram this week and she does a different reading challenge every month. I can’t wait to attempt March’s prompts, to be continued if I can accomplish it. Im a bit stumped on some of them though, so if you have any recommendations for A book set at sea (besides the woman in cabin 10) and a book with an earth element in the title – PLEASE shoot them my way 🙂 Screen Shot 2018-03-02 at 8.36.50 AMThis weekend should be a fun one. We have our cake tasting & a birthday party tomorrow and Sunday I am hoping to get out with Lola girl for a walk and relax.

TBB Asks: March Beauty Edition

1. Eyelash Curler Yes or No? no!  My lashes are pretty great on their own so I don’t see the need to add another daunting task to my makeup routine.
2. Favorite Nail Shade? my go to year round color is Essie’s Chinchilly!
3. Favorite Lipstick Shade? my go to color is a nude, but most of the time I’m just wearing carmex lip balm.
4. Blow Dry or Air Dry your hair? If I’m going out or notice my hair has been greasy ill blow dry it, but 90% of the time I let it air dry cause.
5. Artificial Nails: Yes or No? No!
6. Foundation: Yes or No? both. it depends not the coverage I need and what I am doing.
7. Hair Up or Hair Down? 99% of the time my hair is up in a messy bun. YOLO.
8. Bar Soap or Body Wash? bar soap! but lately i’ve been using Raw Sugar Lemon Sugar Body Wash. It smells heavenly.
9. Bath or Shower?  baths 100%
10. Favorite Body lotion? not gonna lie I use whatever is on sale.
11. Do you wear perfume? Is so, favorite scent? yep. Marc Jacobs Daisy.
12. Do you shave your legs everyday? no way. in the summer maybe but i don’t have time for that.
13. Favorite Lip Balm? carmex classic lip balm medicated FOREVER
14. How old were you when you first started wearing make-up? probably at some point in high school, but I didn’t actually wear it daily until after I was out of college.

March Goals 2018


Hey March Hey! Finally the month of spring, when we can come out of hibernation and start breathing in fresh air again. Although who am I to complain because we have had the best weather this winter. Which is silly because the forecast is saying we are getting another nor’easter this week. This past weekend we got hit with a pretty big storm which had a lot of people with out power for a good portion if not the whole weekend. Thankfully we only lost one tree which fell away from out house, but it has made bobby and I realize we have to get our butts in gear and cut down more trees – sorry mother nature!

So lets get back to the fun stuff, my goals for the month! I did pretty well last month and got 5/8 completed and I’m hoping to do just as good this month.

February Goals:
  • continue with BBG
  • reorganize our back bedroom
  • stuff and stamp our save the dates
  • get our engagement photo book ordered
  • continue to read 3 books a month
  • celebrate valentines day with bobby
  • book our honeymoon
  • schedule all March blog posts

March Goals:

  • get my car deep cleaned, vacuumed and detailed.
  • continue with BBG
  • movie date with bobby
  • reorganize back bedroom
  • book honeymoon
  • read 5 books
  • get engagement photo book ordered
  • celebrate st. pattys day


What are your goals for the month? 

What’s Up Wednesday: February 2018



this week on our menu was/is meatloaf, grilled chicken, biscuts n’ gray bake & stuffed pepper soup. I’ve been working really hard to stick to WW approved meals and with the help of the Daily Dose of Pepper blog I have been able to eat some really yummy meals!


nothing special this month.


the fact that its almost spring! I have been working to add pretty items to my wardrobe!


nothing much for february, bobby has been traveling so we have been spending a lot of time at home relaxing when he is here.


jury duty. I have been summoned for a week from today. I’m hoping for either a really juicy case or to be let go pretty quick.


this month it was a goal to have all of my march blog posts scheduled out. I normally have what I want to blog about written down, but then I don’t ever get around to posting it. Well this month I have 90% of my blog posts already drafted and saved! I say that is a success.


our cake tasting. I have been reaching out to a few bakeries for us to try some cake and I found some inspiration on cakes I love. I am loving the naked cake look! The photos below are the inspiration I sent the bakeries.


finishing up The Lying Game by Ruth Ware. SO GOOD!


i’ve been playing with spotify to look for music for the wedding. I never knew how difficult it would be to pick music for an event.


when you live in New England, its winter one day spring the next. I’ve been rocking the typical jeans and tee combo because of the weather. Its easy for me to just throw on a cardigan and call it a day.


this weekend is full of spending time with our friends! I think I will be taking a trip to Ikea with my mom & aunt and Sunday I’m hoping its nice enough for a walk at our new favorite spot with Lola girl.


march in general is going to be a fun month. We are going to be checking off some big wedding items off the list, a friends 30th birthday, st. pattys day, a bridal shower, and some low key fun date nights planned.



Bonus question this month:  What’s your family’s favorite spring break destination?

Bobby & I have never been on a spring break trip. Maybe once we start a family its a tradition we can start, but right now we don’t have a destination we love. It will be fun to see if we have a family vacation spot once that time comes!

Friday Favorites 2.23.18

Friday Favorites are legit some of my favorites to read. I find some of the best products and/or recipes just by reading other bloggers posts. A lot of the products that I put on some of my lists were actually on other blogging ladies favorites list!


As I’m writing this post, Lola is knocked out….I couldn’t help but snap this photo. All the heart eye emojis for this little one.

one. The Morphe 35O Nature Glow Eyeshadow Palette is heaven sent. It was on the top of my list after watching one of my favorite bloggers Maryssa Albert posted her everyday makeup routine on youtube. I love love love the way she does her makeup and now I’m in love with this palette.

two. Our save the dates are now stuffed and stamped.  I am so excited to get them out to everyone next week and once they are out i’ll be sharing with you guys the one we chose!

three. the two ingredient dough for WW has been a staple in our house for the past two weeks. You can find the recipe pretty much everywhere but heres a link to just one that I have read – 2 Ingredient Dough. This week I want to try making the breakfast bombs i’ve seen all over instagram recently.

four. i have my cousins wedding coming up in may and I have been on the hunt for the perfect spring dress that I would be able to wear again and then boom I found this lovely dress from Pink Blush, it took me all I had not to order it in every color.

Thats all I have for this week, I hope you all have a fantastic weekend!