Friday Favorites

This week has felt like the longest ever! I have been in full swing trying to plan out a few things for this month for someone specials birthday! Since the last time we talked we also booked our DJ – which was one of the hardest vendors we have had to pick yet! Let’s get into this weeks faves…


  1. This dinner we made this week tops my list of all time favorites. I have been reading Sarah’s blog for quite some time now and have been wanting to try this Light Cheeseburger Pie for quite some time. You really need to add this reciepe to your meal plan for the week, it wont disappoint!
  2. Shop Impressions has become one of my favorite online boutiques to get my clothes from. If only I had an endless amount of money to purchase all the cute things on their website! I just recently bought this cute dress and have already wore it a handful of times.
  3. We have picked our honeymoon destination, blog post soon on what options we both choose and how we decided!
  4. Last but not least – lets touch upon the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. Legit almost everything I want to purchase was sold out of my size before I probably even woke up this morning – but anywho these are my top few picks that I will keep my eye on and hope they re-stock! one | two | three | four | five

If you have shopped the Nordstrom sale let me know what some of your best picks were! I also would love to hear form you if you have been to Hawaii – where you stayed, what you did, best places to eat.

Happy Friday Friends!


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