Summer Bucket List

I’m not sure if I have mentioned it on the blog, but Summer is not my favorite season. To be completely honest it is WAY to hot for me most days and all I want to do is sit in a nice cold A/C house. But since we only have a short window of nice weather here in New England I definitely like to make the most of it. Here are some fun things I want to accomplish this summer!

  • Plan something fun to celebrate Bobby’s 30th birthday in July.
  • Go to an escape room. I did one while I was in Nashville and have been dying to do another one since I got home.
  • Attend a few of my cousins soccer games – loving having them back in our neck of the woods so I can go to as many of his games as I can!
  • Go camping.
  • Visit a lazy river with the family. There is a place in Connecticut where you can River Tube that we plan on checking out.
  • Boston Pizza Tour. Thinking about checking out this one.
  • Publish a few drink recipe blog posts. I have so many summer drinks on my pinterest and would love to post about my favorites.
  • Make homemade Ice Cream. Bobby’s parents got me a ice cream maker for Christmas a few years back – I definitely don’t use it enough!
  • Make the perfect s’more. Like these or these.
  • Make the perfect sangria for girls nights.
  • Have an outdoor picnic with Bobby & Lola.
  • Cape Trips.
  • Bring Lola Swimming.

Are you planning on doing anything fun this summer?! 


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