We Have A Venue & Date!

We’re halfway through the week and I couldn’t be more excited about that! We have been trudging along with wedding planning these last few months and I couldn’t be happier to share that we have picked our venue!

Picking the venue is probably one of, if not the biggest decisions of the whole wedding, and in my opinion so far it has definitely the hardest. Bobby and I knew the time of year that we wanted to get married and we knew we wanted it to be next year so we didn’t have much time to decided in order to secure the date.

We looked at three venues total – all were barn venues. Of the three we hated one, liked one, and loved one. In the end we decided to go with the one we liked, in order to make our budget work.

The Venue: Bittersweet Farm – Westport MA

Bittersweet Farm is set on 29 acres of farmland in Westport, Massachusetts. It dates back to the 1920s, and allows for us to have an outdoor ceremony & cocktail hour with an indoor reception. It has a beautiful rustic atmosphere and we cannot wait to get married here.



The BIG day: October 20, 2018

It seems so so so far away but right now we are both just enjoying this time of being engaged and we know that the wedding day will be here before we know it. What they say is true, time flies when you’re having fun! We have our first wedding event at the end of the month – our engagement party. We are so blessed with the most amazing family to be throwing it for us! We are eagerly awaiting it to be here!

If anyone has any wedding planning tips, please drop a comment below. I am all ears for some advice! 


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