30 before 30


Happy Birthday to me! The big 27! I can’t believe it. I know I have a bucket list of things I want to do on my blog already, you can find that here, but I wanted to be more specific and set some amazing things that I hope will happen in the next 3 years.

1.Get married.
Cheating on this one, but when I started this list I wasn’t even engaged yet! Now that we are planning our wedding this will be complete next year, October 2018!

2.Go to Europe.  
Bobby and I have lived with each other for going on 3.5 years. We have the conversation about wanting to share more experiences with each other rather than gifts so many times. I would love to take a cruise to see as much of Europe as we can.

3.Take a photography class
I am in the process of trying to purchase a pretty fancy camera but I know once I do I will barely know how to use it!

4.Go on a cruise.
not sure when now that we’re busy planning a wedding but it’s on our list.

5.Plant a garden.
I love to can sauce and salsa and I would love to be able to do it by growing our own veggies!

6.Learn to Ski.
We live in New England and neither me or Bobby know how to ski. I’d like to head up north one winter weekend and take some lessons.

7.Study and sign up to take the MTEL.
I have the study tools sitting in the house, now to find the time to study so I can actually take the test.

8.Make photo books for our vacations and each year.
I always half start making photo books. It’s a goal to have one for every year going forward and for our vacations.

9.Read 200 books – 50 for each year I have left till 30.
I’m not sure this gonna happen, but I am going to try my hardest.

10.See a Broadway or Broadway type play.
I would love to do this with Bobby. I am going to see Mamma Mia with the ladies in my family in June. But I really would love to see Aladdin or Hamilton.

11.Sell our home and buy/build our forever home.
As of this year we have been in our house 3 years. We have made some great improvements, but I have known since we bought it that it was not our forever home. Before we have kids I would love to be able to sell and find our forever home

12.Go to a Boston Bruins Game.

This is the only New England team that I haven’t had a chance to see.

13.Host Christmas

Bobby and I still haven’t been able to host a major holiday at our place. I would love to be able to do that soon. I really want that holiday to be Christmas.

14.Road trip in the United States.
I would love to either drive up the California coast or do a road trip through Texas with my babe.

15.Adopt another fur baby
Lola is by far the friendliest pup ever. She wants to play with everyone and anyone no matter if they like her or not (this goes for dogs & people) and I would love to give her a forever friend sometime soon!

16.Be healthier.
This is a goal every year. By the time this is done I just hope to be living a healthier lifestyle and to be working on a consistent basis.

17.Become a morning person.

I would love to be able to get up at 5am every day. Give myself time to enjoy myself before having to make breakfast and take care of the dog and leave for work.

18.Pay off 80% of student loan debt.

This hopefully can get accomplished as I have a student loan pay off plan that has us paying my loans off by 2022.

19.Build our savings.

We have slowly started to do this. But as soon as we have a bulk saved we have a project that we want completed.

20.Learn Calligraphy.
I would love to pick this up as a hobby.

21.Learn to style my hair and do my makeup.
I need to put A LOT more effort into putting myself together everyday.

22.Take professional photos at least once a year

I LOVE photos. They allow you to keep some wonderful memories and I love getting ours done its great to see how much we have changed each year.

23.Try a new restaurant once a month
I love trying new places in our area. It’s also great that we live close to RI & CT so driving to try new restaurants isn’t hard!

24.Learn to like red wine.
I am a white wine drinker, but when I went to Italy I tolerated red wine. I would love to love both. Also I would like to get bobby to have a tolerance for wine in general.

25.Visit Chicago during the holidays
I have heard Chicago in the winter is beautiful. Cold but beautiful. I would love to visit near Christmas and see their version of the Christkindlmarket market.

 26.Start a family
I want to have a large family with Bobby. Coming from a home with just me, I would love to start our family as soon as we get married.

27.Learn to like wear high heels.
I live in flats and sneakers. I would love to dress more business casual and feminine.

28.Attend the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade
I am kind of cheating on this one because we are heading there this year!

29.Bake more.
One of my favorite hobbies is baking. I need to start doing this more.

30.Blog more.
I want to make it a goal to blog more. This isn’t a very quantifiable goal but in general when I bake a great recipe, do something fun with family, or anything I want to capture it on this little blog.


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