How He Asked

Hi friends! This is will be my first Wedding Wednesday Post! I knew someday when I got engaged I would absolutely want to document the process on my blog. It will be so nice to one day look back on here and relive every wonderful moment!

I knew I wanted to be with Bobby forever probably 1 month into dating him. He was everything I had ever wanted in a person to share life with. He is such a gentleman, family is important to him, he is a homebody, he’s handsome, and I could go on forever. I think it took Bobby a little longer to realize it, but when the day came when he got down on one knee I was the HAPPIEST girl in the world.


How He Asked:

It started out like any other holiday, we had breakfast, I let Bobby & Lola open their Easter baskets, we got ready, headed to pick up Bobby’s grandma and headed over to his parents. We split up all holidays spending half of the day with his family and half with mine – and normally my parents try to make an appearance at Bobby’s family but this year my parent were also hosting Easter dinner so when we originally made plans they were not coming to Bobby’s side of the family.

That’s why when Bobby told me that he had talked to his mom and she advised that my parents were going to stop over for appetizers I thought it was weird. I mean it’s not that abnormal for them to talk , but usually they do the coordinating of holidays through Bobby & I, but then Bobby brought up a valid point that we have been dating for almost five years so it’s not that weird that our parents talk – so I brushed it off and went upon my day. Now the holidays for us are nothing special – and what I mean is that I usually do not dress up – but the night before Bobby’s sister Sarah was asking me if I was going to wear a sundress because it was going to be so damn hot out, so I did. Which I am SO glad about now.

Once we got to Bobby’s parents we just hung out for a bit – and we hid some Easter eggs for our nephew Austin. I then went inside to talk with a few family members about a wedding we have coming up in July. While I was inside little did I know something was being hidden that I was supposed to find. We started the Easter egg hunt watching Austin when Bobby said that Austin wanted my help. I totally didn’t understand why he needed my help since he was doing great by himself – and then Bobby kept trying to get me to look at this huge Easter egg that was under the slide, but I was more focused on getting ones in a different spot. totally oblivious at this point I think I was giving Bobby a heart attack because he was trying to get me to come to him and I was just not having any of it! (sorry babe!)IMG_7702

When he finally reached me I turned around to him opening the Easter egg and getting down on one knee! Right then and there I began to ugly cry so bad, that I don’t think I said yes until bobby asked if I had said yes – which of course I said YES.



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