Easter & A Proposal!

I hope yall had a blessed Easter Sunday spent with your loved ones. This Easter will forever go down as my favorite. Like all holidays Bobby & I have to split up our time between our two families.

We started our day off with some Dunkin and I had quite a few things left to bake for later in the day so we didn’t have time to make breakfast.

We headed over to his parents house to have dinner, its was so beautiful here in Massachusetts that we all sat outside for the whole day! It was hot enough that we decided next weekend the ac needs to be unwrapped. What is so great is my parents had come over to Bobby’s parents for appetizers before they had the rest of my family over at their place for dinner.

We had such an array of apps – I ate so much that I hardly had any dinner!

After apps we had a little Easter egg hunt for our nephew Austin. He is the only one young enough to actually have fun doing it so Bobby helped him out. Then this happened….


We then had dinner and headed over to my parents for dessert! All of the desserts I made were such a hit plus my family even had a cake for us made up 🙂

I’ll be back Wednesday to share the proposal for my first Wedding Wednesday! OMG you guys don’t know how long I have wanted to be able to do a post like that!

I am so beyond blessed with such an amazing man and our families who made our day so special. I couldn’t have asked for a better person to share my life with and I cannot wait to be his wife. But for now we are pretty happy with now calling each other fiance!

Have an awesome week friends! 


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