My Spring Bucket List


Go Hiking
Usually, Bobby and I just go on walks at the local state parks or bike paths. But this year with Lola I really want to go on better adventures on some of the trails we have here in Massachusetts. This weekend some girlfriends and I are off to do some local trails with the pups.

Start my vegetable garden
Since we bought the house I have wanted to grow our own vegetable garden – but other to-do’s took precedence. This year its at the top of my list! We have a lot of animals that come around in the spring/summer so I have been pinning away different ideas to keep them away from the veggies!  What I mostly want to grow are tomatoes, peppers, zucchini & squash!

Make spring wreath
I LOVE tulips. There are so many beautiful DIY wreaths on the internet and I found a few that would want to make. I think I have narrowed it down to the one I am going to attempt to make. Once I have it done I will be posting a DIY post 🙂

Have a large spring cleaning
We just recently re-did our bedroom and we cleaned the entire room getting rid of unwanted clothing and just decluttering in general. I need to go on a huge declutter of the entire house because in all honesty I am a hoarder, but cleaning the bedroom made me feel so good!

Have a bonfire
Undoing the fire pit and having our first fire of the year is always fun! I want to have our friends over for a fun game night and sit by the fire with beer and sangria.

Get a pedicure
During the winter months I do my own nails since they are always in boots and socks. Now that it’s time to break out the sandals and flip-flops it’s time to get my toes done!

Build our new deck
When we sided the house last year we had to take apart our deck. Now is the perfect time to re-do it with the layout that we want. Ideally we want a larger deck and I would love a pergola that I can string some lights on. I’m looking forward to nights spent outside this year.

Have a fun trip
We have our trip to philly planned in a little less than a month. So excited to eat some philly cheesesteaks and take in some sights! I will have blog posts planned to recap the trip!

That what I have planned for us for the spring. Its going to be a busy but fun one! What do you all have planned for this spring?!


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