March Goals

In all honesty I had such a fun post planned for a weekend recap for Monday, and then I got sick – it was not a pretty weekend. I ended up going to the ER because I was so dehydrated and literally couldn’t move. No one could tell me what it was though. Because I had been babysitting sick kiddos the night before and had sushi that night they determined it could be a viral infection, a bacterial infection or food poisoning. But I am happy to report that I am feeling MUCH better!


Now that we are past the two worst months of the year, spring is right around the corner and I am so excited! A few of my February Goals are remaining on the goals list because I just didn’t get through everything I wanted.

February Goals
get domain for website, so I can remove the
celebrate Lola’s 1st birthday! coming up this weekend 🙂
paint our bedroom
order new headboard
celebrate Valentine’s Day with my handsome man
read 2 books – Someday, Someday Maybe & The Girl in Cabin 10
book our april getaway, Philly here we come!
order frames for living room gallery wall

For March I am taking it a little bit easy. We are getting into the nicer weather and I know we are going to be outside more often now and I don’t want to stretch myself too thin! We went to ikea and got all of our new furniture for the bedroom and we are slowly putting it together. Let me tell you assembling IKEA stuff is NO JOKE. Here’s what I plan to do for this month!

March Goals
read 2 books – The Girl in Cabin 10 & Winter Stroll
get domain for website, so I can remove the
have MOST of my blog posts prepped and scheduled for March & April
See Beauty and the Beast
Drink more H2O
Finish our bedroom
Order new headboard


One thought on “March Goals

  1. Oh no! sorry to hear you were so sick, but glad you are feeling better now! You did great on your Feb goals. Also…I cannot wait for Beauty and the Beast!!

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