How I met my BETTER half <3

Jumping on the bandwagon today and sharing how I met Bobby. It only seems fitting this time of year, I didnt have time to post this last week because it was a hectic one and our valentines day was a night well spent with my man and a classy dinner of BLT’s! I hope you enjoy reading our story as much as I enjoy reading yours! 


I wish I had some fairytale way that Bobby & I met, like in high school/college or at work or at the gym, but I don’t it’s a plain jane as they come. At the time I had just graduated with my bachelors degree from Johnson and Wales University, I didn’t have a job, and I wasn’t really looking for anything serious I was just having a fun summer with my girlfriends (by far the best summer of my life!). It was the most laid back situation….we met at a mutual friends birthday party. One of my friends Izzy and I were as usual, casually late, and when we walked into the basement I immediately thought, “Who the heck is that hottie with his ball cap on backwards!” that was August of 2012.

That night we both went on doing our own thing, talking to friends we had, playing beer pong, etc. and I don’t think I spent that much time talking to Bobby, he spent most of the night chatting with Izzy – who at the time was dating her now husband! But as always she was the best wing woman. As the night went on I found myself having some liquid courage and started to talk with him and flirt a bit – we then ended up playing around by the pool and somehow we were able to get Bobby in fully clothed! I can remember to this day how pissed he was because he had on a nice pair of shoes that got ruined. All of this led to Bobby walking me to the car and asking for my number. About a two weeks later, I finally decided to say yes to a date with Bobby, he literally asked so many times in that two weeks…I’ll never forget it! I had two of my besties sitting in the chilis parking lot just in case I needed to bail!

So just like that one night, has turned into almost 5 amazing years with my better half. 



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