Weekend Recap

Hello Monday, I should have used my floater for you today! It took all we had to get out of bed and it didn’t help that Lola stayed in bed up until we had to leave, go figure during the weeks she wants to sleep in but on the weekends she wants to be up at the ass crack of dawn.

Saturday was a wonderful day with some of our family. We had them over for the football games that were on since we have fans of almost all 4 of the teams that played. Falcons vs. Seahawks game was a tough one, with men getting very angry in our house from the outcome. That game was so stressful! But we had a great spread of food! We had meat pie, buffalo chicken dip, wings, veggie & fruit platters, desserts and a few more yummy things.

Sunday we had a few errands to do – the usual target run and I needed to go to Barnes & Noble for a book I’ve been looking for. We then headed out to lunch with my side of the family for a winter birthdays lunch. My grandma took us all out for my moms, aunts, and uncles birthday since they are all a month apart. While we were all together we finalized our plans for our trip to New York City for Thanksgiving. I AM SO EXCITED. This is definitely a bucket list item for me and it will be fun to do with my whole family.

After lunch we headed to the batting cages for a bit and then home to relax and watch the Dallas vs. Green Bay game, this was another intense game that was important to Bobby. He was routing for Green Bay so the Falcons play at home this weekend.

All in all it was a very fun and relaxing weekend with enough going on but not so much where we are stressed out from being so busy.

I hope you all had a fantastic weekend!


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