Friday Favorites!

Hey Yall! I’m back today to share with you some of my favorites!

one || I got a new car! Well not brand new, but new to me so that’s all that matters. my lease was almost up on my RAV4 so we went to the dealership to see what they had to offer and I walked away with a 2015 Toyota Corolla! I definitely miss my RAV but the Corolla is all around better for my wallet.

two || my new cookbook, CRAVINGS by Chrissy Teigen. I have been a fan of her for a while – she beautiful, has great style, is funny, but most importantly she is REAL. when I read some articles about how great her mac & cheese was I knew I wanted her book. I was so happy when I unwrapped this baby on Christmas day! I made the Mac & Cheese for girls night last night and it lived up to my expectations for sure.


three || looking forward to the weekend. we have our family coming over for the football games tomorrow. I don’t know if I have mentioned it on here before but my hunny is a die-hard Atlanta Falcons fan who lives in New England – weird I know, but since they are playing their playoff game its a big deal. And did I mention part of my family are Seahawks fans? So yeah it will be a fun night because then the rest of us Patriots fans get to watch that game. I would LOVE to see a Patriots vs. Falcons Super Bowl although it would be a rough night in our home 😉


four || master bedroom reno. we are going to be redoing our “master” aka the bedroom that we sleep in, since our house technically doesn’t have a master. we are going to be painting and getting some new furniture. I am so excited! I am thinking of sharing a inspiration post in the coming weeks so I will keep ya posted.

Do you have any fun plans for this weekend, are any of you hoping for certain football teams to win?!



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