2017 Goals

Yay for a new year and new goals. 2016 you were so very good but I am looking forward to a equally great or even better 2017. I am not one to write my goals down, but I felt inspired to do so this year since I have plenty that I want to be held accountable for.


  • Pay off 4 student loans. I pay monthly on my loans – but I picked up a second job the last few months and were hoping to put at least half of that income towards my loans. We want to be debt free as soon as possible.
  • Take 4 long weekend trips. Bobby and I haven’t been quite the travelers that I know we want to be. Its our goal to make more memories and I am so happy about that. I value the adventures we go on so much more than things we have. (My Picks: Atlanta, Philly, New York, NOLA // Bobby’s Picks: Virginia,  Alabama, Tennessee, NOLA)
  • Actually get dressed. and do my hair/makeup most days. I work for a small business so sometimes I take advantage of being able to dress casually, this year I want to make myself look somewhat more put together than I have in the past year.
  • Get Fit. Today Bobby & I started Insanity. For the next 60 days i’ll be working my ass off and eating right. My goal is to loose 20lbs by 2018.
  • Be in the moment. Stop thinking so much about my future and just enjoy each day as it is.
  • Save Money. We are going to try to save $100/paycheck throughout the entire year. We really have a lifestyle where we just spend so much – and we are determined to save more than we did this past year.
  • Read 30 books.

Do you have any goals that you’re going to make happen this year? I know I am going to take this year by the horns and make it happen! 



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