Holiday Home Tour 2016

I have always wanted to do a home tour, but 90% of the time I feel like the house isn’t put together enough to get some nice pictures. The other day while we did the tree was the perfect time to take some of our living area. They are the only rooms we really decorate for the holidays right now.

Here is our living room, it’s super small but I still like to make the most out of it and decorate for each holiday. Here you can see our tree in the corner which is the perfect spot because it can be seen from our front window but it doesn’t block our view of seeing outside. Because we have a raised ranch we have this ledge that is perfect for holiday décor! Normally I would put my Annalen’s here, but they stayed packed this year because of Lola girl. This year we have a variety of Christmas decor!


Here you have our mantle. I love the simplicity of it with just our stockings, my new Annalen, a banner and a poinsettia. I know we are a stocking short…Bobby’s grandmother makes our stockings so this year she is making Lola girl a stocking 🙂


Next up is our dining room! Again very simple because Lola is still a little rambunctious we decided not to put all of our decorations out. One of my favorite decorations is that snowman sign in the corner. Bobby’s Pep made that and a few other pieces that are around the house and they are just the cutest! The runner on the table is also made by bobby’s grandmother – she is such a talented woman! And if you haven’t noticed it matches the tree skirt in the first picture.


I keep it really simple in the kitchen with just a few decorations on the stovetop and some cute holiday towels!


I hope you enjoyed the few areas of our home! I have enjoyed linking up with Victoria and Sarah for their It’s The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year link up!


 photo linkupgraphic_zpsb5zwlsoa.jpg


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