My Favorite Family Christmas Traditions

One of the greatest things about the holidays is the amount of time spent with family. Bobby & I are huge family people so we see our families a lot but the holidays just make it that more special. I love having a second family to create more holiday traditions with!

Cranberry & Popcorn – Since I was a little girl my parents and I have ALWAYS strung popcorn and cranberries for our christmas tree. We would gather in the living room together and each do a string while watching whatever christmas movie was on TV. When I moved into my own place I knew that tradition needed to keep going and for the past three christmas that we have been in the house we have done it. In my opinion the tree just doesn’t look as beautiful with out cranberry & popcorn.


Weekend After Christmas Christmas – When I started dating Bobby seeing everyone on Christmas day was extremely hard, and to be honest it stressed me out, thankfully I found out that Bobby’s family hosts their Christmas the weekend after Christmas. I look forward to this every year and it definitely makes our holiday a lot easier not having to run around.

Christmas Cards – I started doing this last year and it’s so much fun to see how Bobby & I have changed from year to year. Last year it was just us two and this year we added our fur babe Lola into them. I will continue to do this for years to come, even putting them into pretty frames so they can be seen during the holidays! No photos of this years card until next week’s link up, so you’ll just have to come back!

Annalee Elf’s – Since I was born my grandparents have collected Annalee’s for us grandkids. It is something that I look forward to getting every year. This year my grandma took me and my cousin up to their store in New Hampshire and we made our own elf! Check out my amazing work!


As I get older I cherish these traditions so much more. I look forward to the day that Bobby & I have our own little ones to share in these traditions with and create more as the years go on.

Do you have any fun traditions to share? I’m always looking for ways to make the holidays more meaningful so if you do please share!

I linked up with the ladies again today! Check out Sarah & Victoria’s holiday link up!


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2 thoughts on “My Favorite Family Christmas Traditions

  1. I’ve never heard of someone stringing popcorn before for the tree…I always assumed that was only in movies! I love adding cranberries for the pop of color! And yes, Christmas can get overwhelming so thankfully Bobby’s family hosts theirs after. That makes it more manageable!

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