Thanksgiving 2016 Recap

And just like that we are full force into the holiday season. how has 2016 pretty much come to an end? I feel like it has just flew by.


Wednesday I had a half day at work. I ran a bunch of errands, the most important includes the liquor store. I made this amazing Cranberry Cider drink that is all over Facebook, and it didn’t disappoint. Here’s the recipe: Cranberry Cider


Turkey Day! We got up around 8 in the best moods since Lola let us sleep in. We made our traditional holiday breakfast. Cinnamon Rolls! We headed to Bobby’s parents house around noonish for our dinner.

We had such a great spread of food for the day as I’m sure does everyone… we had a traditional turkey, smoked turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing, green bean casserole, acorn squash, caramelized carrots and I could go on forever.

We left their house around 6ish to get home to our Lola girl. I don’t know about you guys but leaving our pup home on a holiday just felt wrong, so getting home to snuggle with her was nice.


Friday we headed out to do some Black Friday shopping. We were able to get some great stuff for Bobby’s mom. We finished one of our nephews and a few other people, and of course got so many stocking stuffers for Lola girl. We then went to hang out and sleep at my aunts. The boys went to my cousin Collin’s soccer practice and the girls went to dress shop for my cousin Nichole’s semi-formal.



We were up early to have breakfast before heading to Collins soccer game. They just moved back from Seattle and I am so happy that they live close to me again, I love being able to see them all the time and watch them participate in their activities. After that we went home and napped – we ordered Chinese and Redboxed (is that even a word lol) Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates and it was hilarious.


Bobby was outside ALL day doing leaves. Our house is surrounded by trees so it takes quite a while to pick them up. I did the housework inside and finished decorating for Christmas. and the most important part of our weekend was getting out Christmas tree! YAY. We go to this local store to get our tree, we haven’t really started a tradition of going to cut our tree – maybe we will next year. We let the tree fall for the past few days and are going to be decorating it tonight.


I really am slacking on taking photos, mostly because my phone sucks and I need a new one, but I managed to get the two in this post off of my snap chat. HA. I am hoping to get a nice DSLR camera after the holidays not only for me to take some great photos but also to help with the picture quality for this blog.

I hope you all had a great holiday! Did anyone get anything great on Black Friday or find any great deals?!




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