Currently – November

Oh boy. Monday is here already – I wasn’t ready for the weekend to be over! So for today’s post I figured what better time than for November’s currently…

Planning: Preparing chrisoms lists. I have a goal to get most of our shopping done by mid December. We have put quite a bit a cash away so we can get A LOT of it done Black Friday weekend. Bobby & I love to go out on Black Friday – we are one of those crazy people that enjoy the madness.

Listening to: I DVRed some Hallmark Christmas movies this weekend. Playing on the background while I write this is Finding Father Christmas. Super cute movie so far!


Watching: All Hallmark movies. All the time from now until Christmas. Yep I’m that type of girl.

Eating: Junk. I have two honey buns sitting on my nightstand right now. #noshame

Looking forward to: Our busy weekend. We have two birthday parties. I have a craft fair. And all weekend will be family time ❤

Loving: Blogging & the fact that I decorated a little bit of the house for Christmas!


That’s all for this month’s happenings. I hope you all have such a great week!


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