Thanksgiving 2016 Recap

And just like that we are full force into the holiday season. how has 2016 pretty much come to an end? I feel like it has just flew by.


Wednesday I had a half day at work. I ran a bunch of errands, the most important includes the liquor store. I made this amazing Cranberry Cider drink that is all over Facebook, and it didn’t disappoint. Here’s the recipe: Cranberry Cider


Turkey Day! We got up around 8 in the best moods since Lola let us sleep in. We made our traditional holiday breakfast. Cinnamon Rolls! We headed to Bobby’s parents house around noonish for our dinner.

We had such a great spread of food for the day as I’m sure does everyone… we had a traditional turkey, smoked turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing, green bean casserole, acorn squash, caramelized carrots and I could go on forever.

We left their house around 6ish to get home to our Lola girl. I don’t know about you guys but leaving our pup home on a holiday just felt wrong, so getting home to snuggle with her was nice.


Friday we headed out to do some Black Friday shopping. We were able to get some great stuff for Bobby’s mom. We finished one of our nephews and a few other people, and of course got so many stocking stuffers for Lola girl. We then went to hang out and sleep at my aunts. The boys went to my cousin Collin’s soccer practice and the girls went to dress shop for my cousin Nichole’s semi-formal.



We were up early to have breakfast before heading to Collins soccer game. They just moved back from Seattle and I am so happy that they live close to me again, I love being able to see them all the time and watch them participate in their activities. After that we went home and napped – we ordered Chinese and Redboxed (is that even a word lol) Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates and it was hilarious.


Bobby was outside ALL day doing leaves. Our house is surrounded by trees so it takes quite a while to pick them up. I did the housework inside and finished decorating for Christmas. and the most important part of our weekend was getting out Christmas tree! YAY. We go to this local store to get our tree, we haven’t really started a tradition of going to cut our tree – maybe we will next year. We let the tree fall for the past few days and are going to be decorating it tonight.


I really am slacking on taking photos, mostly because my phone sucks and I need a new one, but I managed to get the two in this post off of my snap chat. HA. I am hoping to get a nice DSLR camera after the holidays not only for me to take some great photos but also to help with the picture quality for this blog.

I hope you all had a great holiday! Did anyone get anything great on Black Friday or find any great deals?!




So Very Thankful

You know, every year I see all over social media things people are thankful for, and then I see those who complain that the only time they see these thankful post are during the holidays. I think it goes without having to make a post that most people are thankful everyday, but as we enter the most special time of the year I am glad to see such things as there isn’t enough of it in the world today. As always I am so thankful, this year for our Lola girl, our family, our friends, our health, our careers, our home, everything that Bobby & I are lucky to have.

Happy Thanksgiving from my family to yours! I hope you have an amazing and full weekend!



2016 Family Photos

Happy Monday! This weekend was such a nice and relaxing one before we have all of the holidays sneak up on us. 2 weeks ago we got our family photos done, it was a perfect opportunity since a local photographer was offering a mini session with all proceeds going to the rescue we got Lola from.

I can’t tell you how happy I am with how they came out. The day we went it was chilly and there was so much overcast, but you can’t even tell with these pictures. I love the fall & these photos represent my favorite season perfectly. I definitely recommend Sarah Montani Photography if you are in the Massachusetts Area. She was such down to earth photographer to work with and didn’t mind doing some of my crazy Pinterest photo poses.

Here are just a few of the great shots!


They Still Do


Today I’m switching it up, because my parents have been married for 27 years – a huge accomplishment in my eyes. Love, friendship and happiness couldn’t have been given to a more deserving couple. They managed to raise me and my sister and always showed us what love and family are suppose to look like no matter what the circumstances. And because of them I am so hopeful and excited about what my future could bring once I am married.

Mom and Dad, congratulations on 27 years of friendship, love and most importantly supporting each other through all times good & bad. Thank you for being you and being the most wonderful, supportive, and unconditionally loving parents to Jenna & I. I hope that Bobby & I can have half the relationship you do. I’m so proud if you both. I love you and wish you many more years of happiness.


Currently – November

Oh boy. Monday is here already – I wasn’t ready for the weekend to be over! So for today’s post I figured what better time than for November’s currently…

Planning: Preparing chrisoms lists. I have a goal to get most of our shopping done by mid December. We have put quite a bit a cash away so we can get A LOT of it done Black Friday weekend. Bobby & I love to go out on Black Friday – we are one of those crazy people that enjoy the madness.

Listening to: I DVRed some Hallmark Christmas movies this weekend. Playing on the background while I write this is Finding Father Christmas. Super cute movie so far!


Watching: All Hallmark movies. All the time from now until Christmas. Yep I’m that type of girl.

Eating: Junk. I have two honey buns sitting on my nightstand right now. #noshame

Looking forward to: Our busy weekend. We have two birthday parties. I have a craft fair. And all weekend will be family time ❤

Loving: Blogging & the fact that I decorated a little bit of the house for Christmas!


That’s all for this month’s happenings. I hope you all have such a great week!

In A Dark Dark Wood

Weekends this time of year always seem to go by way to fast. I am trying so hard to capture every moment because the older I get the more I feel like time goes by in a blink of an eye. I finally finished ‘In A Dark, Dark Wood’ last week, here’s my thoughts on it…

Title: In A Dark, Dark Wood
Author: Ruth Ware
Genre: Thriller
Publication Date: July 30, 2015
Rating: ★★★★


In a dark, dark wood

Nora hasn’t seen Clare for ten years. Not since Nora walked out of school one day and never went back.

There was a dark, dark house

Until, out of the blue, an invitation to Clare’s hen do arrives. Is this a chance for Nora to finally put her past behind her?

And in the dark, dark house there was a dark, dark room

But something goes wrong. Very wrong.

And in the dark, dark room….

Some things can’t stay secret for ever.


I picked up this book despite some review that it wasn’t one of Ruth Wares better books. But I found myself really into the book. The lead character, Nora, wasn’t my cup of tea – I found her very unlikeable.  The book starts off by her getting invited to the hen (a bachelorette for you who didn’t know) of her old best friend Clare, whom she hasn’t spoken to in 10 years. She decides to go along, even though she is really unsure of her decision. Just like other books in this genre I couldn’t put this book down, there were many nights that I laid in bed unable to stop reading – just needing to get through one more chapter. In the beginning it is a little hard to get into but once you get to a certain point you won’t want to put it down. That being said, I would recommend this book to you guys, as it is an easy and enjoyable read.

November Goals

When I participated in the Blogtember Challenge I did a post on my monthly goals. It was nice because it held me accountable for completing what I needed. While I didn’t set any October goals I’m ready to jump into November with a few!


  • Do 75% of our Christmas Shopping
  • Try 1 new recipe a week
  • Decorate the house for Christmas
  • Get our holiday cards ordered and prepped to go out
  • Read 4 books
  • Get shelves up in our living room
  • Have at least 1 nice night out with Bobby

They may not seem that hard of goals to complete but finding time during the next two months is SO difficult.

How about you guys, what are some of your monthly goals?