Happy Friyay

Hi Friends. its the start of one of my favorite weekends. Halloween Weekend. We have a party at a family friends that we go to every year and this year my group of lady friends went all out on our group costume – even including the guys in on it. Just wait till you see this group pic. of all 12 of us. it’s gonna be epic not gonna lie.

here’s to starting the weekend with my weekly favorites.

After this weekend all i’ll be thinking about are the holidays – this preparing for the holidays in october post has me feeling all the feels. and the fact that I just made the November budget – AND IT INCLUDEDS GETTING OUR XMAS TREE!

In relation to the above, I found the BEST prints to get for our house for the holidays. I need to order these  – Buddy the Elf #1 & Buddy the Elf #2 & Night Before Christmas & 12 Days of Christmas – I just love all of Lindsay’s work, you should totally check it out!

This twirler brush is on my list of things to buy, I have super curly hair but I feel like this brush will tame it a bit.

Lastly, I have been wanting to put up shelves in out family room. We have a horrible entertainment center in the place that I want them to go at the moment, but it is on my list to have my dad do them in the next few weeks! I am thinking something like this.

and i’m just gonna leave you with a few of bobby & I’s past costumes 🙂



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