The Blogtember Challenge Day 29: The Ladies that Inspired me to Blog

These ladies are amazing bloggers that I have read for like ever. It was them that actually inspired me to want to create my own blog, in hopes of mine becoming like theirs someday.

Kylie Rose

Kylie was one of the first blogs I started following consistently (Absolutely Arkansas now Rose & Co Blog), and she is still one of my favorites. I feel like although I have never met her, that she could easily be one of my best friends. She’s beautiful, has such a positive outlook on everything and has some of the best DIY’s I can find on the internet, plus I love seeing photos of handsome Sawyer. She lives in Arkansas on a lake and deep inside I want to move in right next door, because it is our dream to live on a lake like that! Watching her story unfold these past few years from girlfriend, to fiancé, to wife, to momma has been such a pleasure and I’m constantly inspired by her.

Favorite Posts by Kylie:

DIY Monogram Canvas Art / Chunky Dutch Braid Tutorial / Our Big News

Victoria Strader

Victoria is this cute southern belle who I started following because of her resourceful traveling tips and recaps. I am so inspired by her drive to make travel an important aspect of her life even with the biggest moments happening in her life one of them recently becoming a mom! One of my biggest goals for next year is to incorporate more travel into mine and Bobby’s life.

Favorite Posts by Victoria:

How I Plan Our Trips / Eiffel Tower Portrait Session / A Healthier Life

 Jennifer Roup

Jennifer posts some of the best book reviews I have read on the web. I really like the detail that she goes into without giving too much of the book away, many of her reviews have been saved to my book collection on bloglovin just so I can read them. I am a book junkie and even if the book doesn’t appeal to me I like to read reviews of all types of books!

Favorite Posts by Jennifer:

How to Be a Bookworm When You Don’t Have the Time / Book Review: One True Loves

Maryssa Albert

Maryssa is another blogging lady that I have been reading for quite some time that I could really see myself being friends with. I have loved keeping up with her life changes and her sweet little Lucy is just the cutest! Her awesome since of style has been something I have loved from the beginning as I feel our styles are really similar. She is extremely feminine yet keeps it simple which is what I love about her!

Favorite Posts by Maryssa:

Wifey Week / Holiday Blanket Scarf and Red Lace Up Ballet Flats / Our Own Little Baby Albert

Kate Bryan

I found Kates blog when I joined bloglovin to find some blogs to read. I had just started getting into wearing make-up on a daily basis and looked towards her blog for guidance. As someone who really wasn’t into make up (I usually just wore mascara and some very conservative lipstick) I have learned form her so much on how to not over do my make-up. She has some great tutorials for any type of look you are wanting with you make bold or natural. She started her blog in 2011 doing video hair tutorials and before becoming a mom owned her own hair studio! Now if only I could have her come and give me a nice color and cut – I would be one happy lady.

Favorite Posts by Kate:

My Typical Makeup Routine / Curling Wand Waves

And just like that you guys have a few of my favorite blogging ladies!

Until Next Time,




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