Recapping the first FALL weekend of 2016

Hey friends.  How are you?  Hope you had a great weekend!

Our weekend started out pretty great because we got to spend it with some of our best friends at the town football game. One of my besties Holly, her little brother is on the team, so its always fun to cheer him on. Thanks to snapchat I have these two awesome photos HAHA

Saturday we took Lola to get evaluated for Doggy Daycare – we are hoping to get her into daycare  2 days a week, and since I take her to work on Fridays that means she’ll only be home alone for two days during the week. She got evaluated during what they call puppy play and let me tell you when she got home she was pooped – and she was only there for an hour! I can’t wait to see how exhausted she is after being there all day. That morning I got the most amazing email from Bath & Body Works – Candle Sale! So we stopped at the mall so I could get some of my favorite fall scents.

Later that night we celebrated my cousins 13th birthday – we went bowling with the fam and then headed back to my gram’s for cake. The kids then (as always) convinced Bobby & I to let them sleep over. When we see them and it’s a weekend without a doubt they somehow always end up staying at our place.

That was all the fun stuff that went down this weekend. Sunday we did some errands and got things ready for Bobby, as he is heading to Pulaski, NY tomorrow to fish with one of his best friends. I have a bunch of fun stuff planned of while he is away but I will definitely miss him!

Until Next Time,



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