The Blogtember Challenge Day Thirteen: Life Swap

This prompt was a little difficult, but while thinking about who I would like to switch lives with I started to think about when I could post my before and after pictures of our recent upgrade to the outside of our home. I knew right then what lady I would love trade lives with for just one day….Joanna Gaines.

Everything about her is just simply #goals, from her awesome relationship with her husband, her awesome design skills (shiplap & pergola’s just to name two), how she is family oriented, her looks…ugh I could go on forever.

So onto our own fixer upper…I mentioned a few weeks ago that we had just signed our contract to get our home sided (finally!) and I am happy to say it is complete!



We still have a few things to do until its 100% complete such as paint the foundation, paint the bulkhead, and put a new railing on the front steps, but I am SO happy with how it turned out. It finally looks as good outside as it does inside.

Until Next Time,





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