The Blogtember Challenge Day Twelve: Book Crazy

When I saw this book prompt for the blogtember challenge I was excited. Reading is definitely one of my favorite things to do. I even am participating in the PopSugar Reading Challenge. So onto todays post….three books! One I just read, one I am currently reading, and one that I want to read.

Just Read: After You


I picked up Me Before You, after watching the trailer for the movie which I knew I wouldn’t see until I had read the book. I fell in love with the characters and it was one of those books that I just couldn’t put down and felt like I had become part of the book because I was so intrigued with the lives of Lou & Will.

After You, continues the story of the life of one of the main characters, Lou. It is set a year and a half after Will’s life altering choice and we find Lou living alone, working in a bar with a horrible boss, and learning to live in a world without Will, until she has a few unexpected visitors come into her life.

After reading many reviews on After You, I thought I wasn’t going to enjoy it as much as the first, but to be honest I enjoyed this one just as much. I feel like Lou has become one of my friends and I am routing for her 100%. I loved the new characters Lily & Sam as well as the others she meets along the way, and I am really excited for Lou and her new adventures with a new potential love, an amazing job, and a new city. But now I feel like I am still waiting to know what happens with Lou and her life now that she is finally happy.

Jojo Moyes has taken a spot as one of my favorite authors. I have been purchasing all of her books and I recently requested to review one of her upcoming books with netgalley. She is an awesome writer, who truly makes you want to be in the pages of the book with the characters she writes about, that’s how much of a bond she creates with her and her readers. I definitely recommend this book to anyone.

Currently Reading: The Nightingale


I was told to read this book by SO many people, and WWII was one of my favorite parts of history so I am happy I decided to dive into this book. I am about half way through the book and I can see why so many liked it. I can’t go into much of a review because I haven’t finished yet but so far I would give this 5 stars and I hope it stays that way! The above photo shows how I’ve been spending my past few nights.

To Read:


This is my first ever netgalley book. I requested this book based on the cover and the description. Most books that I read have to get my attention by having a catchy cover and this one certainly does. I can’t wait to get you guys my review once I am done reading it, so stay tuned!

Since I haven’t read it, here’s a glimpse at the books description on netgalley: “Hey Harry, Hey Matilda is the story—told entirely in hilarious emails—of fraternal twins Harry and Matilda Goodman as they fumble into adulthood, telling lies and keeping secrets, and finally confronting their complicated twinship.

Matilda Goodman is an underemployed wedding photographer grappling with her failure to live as an artist and the very bad lie she has told her boyfriend (that she has a dead twin). Harry, her (totally alive) brother, is an untenured professor of literature, anxiously contemplating his publishing status (unpublished) and sleeping with a student. When Matilda invites her boyfriend home for Thanksgiving to meet the family, and when Harry makes a desperate—and unethical—move to save his career, they set off an avalanche of shame, scandal, and drunken hot tub revelations that force them to examine the truth about who they really are. A wonderfully subversive, sensitive novel of romantic entanglement and misguided ambition, Hey Harry, Hey Matilda is a joyful look at love and family in all its forms”

What about you?What have you read? What are you reading and what do you want to read next? I am always looking for book suggestions 🙂

Until Next Time,




3 thoughts on “The Blogtember Challenge Day Twelve: Book Crazy

  1. I’ve been debating reading After You because I keep hearing that it’s a let down after Me Before You. I’m glad you enjoyed it and I’m still thinking of giving it a chance. I really loved The Nightingale and I always recommend Kristin Hannah’s other Historical Fiction, Winter Garden. It is one of my all time favorite books! 🙂

  2. I enjoyed The Nightingale but because I first read All The Light We Cannot See, I kept comparing it to it and since I absolutely loved All The Light, I felt The Nightingale came short… But that wasn’t too far (if people don’t like being compared to one another, I am guessing books don’t either, lol).

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