The Blogtember Challenge Day Ten: Daily Life

Well todays post, while best suited for weekday when I have a routine, it fell on the weekend. Also on the one day I am extremely busy. Today I am getting breakfast with my best friend Sara, then I head to my friend Danielle’s for her Lularoe party, and we end our day with our family friends annual Pig Roast to end the summer.

My typical day starts with an alarm aka Lola @ 6:00am, it’s not hard for me to get up in the morning as my internal time clock wakes me at that time everyday. I am not a person that stays up late either I am the person that is in bed @ 8pm most nights with a book. , I get ready for work (dressed, teeth, hair, make-up – yes in that order) and take care of Lola. Friday mornings are the easiest because I take Lola to work with me so I don’t have to give her as much attention before I leave. I leave my house around 7:00am and get to work around 7:45. I’m thankful my commute isn’t that bad.

If possible I spend my lunch breaks walking or reading a book, sometimes I will write my blog post if I haven’t planned it yet, eating my lunch around 1:00pm. I always pack lunch (meal prep is crappy on Sunday’s) but saves so much time during the week. I then work until 4:30ish most days.

In the evening I get home and make dinner, usually something I found on pinterest the week before. We then take Lola to the dog park, or for a walk (she has so much dang energy!) for about an hour or so. I am a night shower person so after we get home I usually do a quick workout session and then shower. Finally, around 8:00pm it’s time to relax and get some shut eye. Bobby & I rotate nights to be with Lola – she’s crate trained but she doesn’t sleep in her crate so if she rings her bells to go to the bathroom at night one of us has to get up, and our system of every other night works well, so on my nights I usually stay up with her until 10:00 and take her out that one last time before bed.

That’s really all that happens in my day-to-day life. I am a very social and extroverted person so I live for the weekends when I get to see Bobby for more than a few hours, and we can see our family & friends and do fun stuff.


What about YOU? How do you spend YOUR days?

Until Next Time,

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