The Blogtember Challenge Day Seven: Five Things That Bring Me Joy

Today’s prompt is so hard. I feel like I could make a never ending list of things that bring me joy everyday! The obvious things are my family & friends, but today I will focus (mostly) on things, because if I focused on people my list would be pages long I just have that many people that give me joy each and every day ❤

  1. FALL. The fall is and always has been my favorite season. There is nothing better than watching the leaves change colors and I feel like fall is just the start of so much time with your loved ones! The activities we do during the fall are my favorite…The Big E, Salem, Halloween Parties, Trick-or-Treating with our family and oh so much more fun stuff! Also my obsession with Pumpkin is so real (one of the first things bobby & I had in common), and with football, and fall bath & body works candles – all things that come back for fall! The cooler fall brings me so much joy in all aspects. And I love being able to rock my basic white girl outfit….leggings, a sweater and uggs!
  2. TRAVELING. I think my love of travel started when we took a family trip to Germany to visit my uncle for Christmas. I don’t get to do much traveling anymore, but I love experiencing new places here in the United States and abroad. Being able to explore new areas and learn cultures is so fulfilling in my opinion.  One of my favorite summers was spent studying abroad in Italy & Albania during college (mentioned again here). How could traveling not bring you joy?!
  3. BOBBY & LOLA. Obviously I couldn’t complete this list without them. There is nothing better than after a long day of work coming home to the two most important people in my life.  I am so thankful to do life with Bobby. His extremely big heart and contagious laugh have brought me so much joy each and every day.
  4. CHRISTMAS. I’m one of those people. The one who has the Christmas pandora station playing right after Halloween, and the one who was in Hobby Lobby this past weekend already buying some Christmas décor. The one with the countdown on our family group chat (16 Fridays by the way!).  I put up decorations the day after Thanksgiving and don’t take them down until mid January.  It is really the most wonderful time of the year, and it seems to bring out the kindness of people that we don’t see often anymore and I wish for this time of year, all year long.
  5. BAKING. I have loved baking since I can remember, always wanting to help my mom make cookies or her homemade cakes for our family. I love everything about baking from measuring out the ingredients, to finding recipe’s and changing them to my liking, to licking the bowl of batter, and the best part smelling the house up with a sweet aroma of what you’re baking! Thanks so much for this passion of mine mommma!

There are a few other things that bring me joy too: weekend walks with my lola girl, coffee, books, wine, new clothes, lipstick, babies and target.

Until Next Time,



7 thoughts on “The Blogtember Challenge Day Seven: Five Things That Bring Me Joy

  1. YES! I could have written this list myself! Lola for President! 🙂 I also love to bake. I decided to make my daughter’s birthday cupcakes this year (as opposed to hiring it out). I keep finding excuses to “practice.” Haha. Happy Wednesday!

    1. Baking is really so much fun i’m sure you will have a blast making her birthday cupcakes…and just think then you can brag to the guest that you made them 🙂 I love finding the crazy flavors all over pinterest and trying them out!

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