Maine Vaca Part 1


Hi guys! I’m backkkk, even though I wish I was still up in Maine. There is nothing better than disconnecting from everyone and everything.

Saturday, our first day was long and exhausting but we made it to our campground right around check in time.

I haven’t been on a drive that long since I don’t know when so we had to make a few stops for me to stretch my little legs. If you’re wondering about Lola she did fine. Because she wouldn’t leave my lap the entire time….

We tried to go to this bakery that Bobby’s dad has been to when he was younger, but silly me didn’t look at their hours and they are closed on the weekends so unfortunately we will miss out on what I hear are awesome donuts (it’s about an hour from bar harbor and we don’t feel like doing that drive again)

We we super lazy the rest of the day after setting the site up. We cooked ourselves dinner and made s’mores

You know what I learned while on our trip? There is a difference of wood that you burn when camping…there is camp wood and hard wood…you can determine the type of wood by the tree leaves. I found it interesting.

Sunday, we ended up going to Acadia Visitor Center and buying a pass for the week. Which was the best decision we made, we were able to do so many things with that pass and I can wait to get into detail later this week about the awesome trails that we did throughout the week.

Until Next Time,


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