Four Years <3

Bobby and I celebrated our 4 year anniversary yesterday. And although he doesn’t read my blog I couldn’t let such an important date go by without it being mentioned on here. I mean 4 years is a long time in my eyes.

We hadn’t had Lola for a few days so Bobby went and picked her up after work and we had a nice dinner at home as our little family. Funny story….Bobby had asked me earlier in the day what time I was getting out of work, so I of course told him my normal time (even though I was leaving early to get him part of his gift), and I thought nothing of it since he’s not big into surprises. Well turns out he was surprising me at work by bringing flowers! He’s so thoughtful that boy ❤ but he was so upset that I didn’t get to see them yesterday, I guess next time I won’t leave work early. I got them when I walked into my office this morning, and they are the most beautiful flowers he’s ever picked out!

We have had a crazy four years together, I feel like I have grown into an adult with him by my side, we support each other through everything good and bad. He’s my best friend and I cannot wait to one day be his wife. I feel so lucky to be in a relationship with him and to be able to wake up and do this thing called life with him every day.

Until Next Time,



Maine Vaca 2016: Acadia National Park

Happy Monday Friends, I’m back to recap more of our trip from last month 🙂

There are not enough words in the dictionary to accurately describe how amazing & beautiful Acadia National Park is. When we were planning our trip this was one of the key factors, and we spent more than half our time taking in the scenery that Acadia & Mount Desert Island had to offer. Here are my favorite places we explored while on our trip:

  1. Cadillac Mountain: I had heard from MULTIPLE people that Bobby & I had to watch the sunrise on Cadillac Mountain. During the fall & winter seasons this is the first place in the US that you can see the sun. And all though it was dead middle of summer it was still the most beautiful thing I have ever seen. IMG_0264
  2. Jordan Pond Trail: The main reason for this hike is that we knew wanted to grab lunch at Jordan Pond House after. This trail is an easy 3.5 mile one that loops around Jordan Pond. This was probably my favorite trail that we did.IMG_0213.jpg
  3. The Bubbles: North and South Bubble Mountains stand at 872 feet and 766 feet, respectively. We had one of the best views of them while we were walking around Jordan Pond. If you’re looking to hike in Acadia, though, the Bubbles are a great place to start.IMG_0200.jpg
  4. Thunder Hole: This has to be included as a stop when you visit Acadia. We knew going to visit during the time that we did that we wouldn’t get to witness the amazing sound we heard happens. But if you’re lucky when a strong enough wave crashes into there, water shoots up and gets you wet as if you were waiting on the bridge that is near the log flume at an amusement park. The sound that I’m talking about is a thunder-like boom, which is created by water colliding against the air, forcing it out of the inlet. The views walking around the surrounding area is breathtaking and fun to explore!IMG_0185.jpg
  5. Bubble Rock: is basically a gigantic boulder that looks as if it’s about to fall off the edge of South Bubble Mountain. We attempted to do this trail but with Lola (I primarily held her leash) we were finding it too difficult. But if you’re in Acadia and you don’t have a 6 month old puppy, you should definitely check it out. When you see it, everyone takes a photo of trying and push it off, but people have been doing that since the boulder has been there— long before Acadia National Park even existed — and it still hasn’t budged.
  6. Echo Lake: This lake was really close to our campground Smugglers Den. It was a really beautiful lake that we walked around while Bobby looked for places to fish. It was also where we taught Lola to swim without her leash! It is a great place to bring a pup, as it’s very calm and the water is always clear.

That wraps up my favorite spots while on our trip, stay tuned for the best places to eat 🙂

Until Next Time,


Curb Appeal: Outside Renovations

Today I’m sharing with you guys our checklist for our outdoor renovations. This post has been a LONG time coming so I am so happy to share with you our plans for the outside of our house!


This photo is from 2012 when we first bought the house!

It’s official! As of last week, we signed the contract for our siding to be completed on the house. I am so happy than in a month I finally can kiss the ugly T-111 goodbye and say hello to beautiful Charcoal Grey vinyl siding!


This photo is more recent with the new windows upstairs and A LOT of trees cut down!

There is some work that has to be done by us before we have the siding complete. Here is our to-do list:

  • Install New Windows – we did our first floor before we moved in but the basement needs them as well.
  • Paint Foundation
  • Paint Bulk Head
  • Buy New Outdoor Light Fixtures
  • Remove Old Railings from Front Steps
  • Remove Back Deck Railing

By next summer I am hoping we have a new deck in the backyard, and a lot more trees cut down, but we have made such progress since buying the house I am one happy girl!

Once the siding has been complete I will post the after pictures 🙂

Happy Friday loves!


Maine Vaca Part 1


Hi guys! I’m backkkk, even though I wish I was still up in Maine. There is nothing better than disconnecting from everyone and everything.

Saturday, our first day was long and exhausting but we made it to our campground right around check in time.

I haven’t been on a drive that long since I don’t know when so we had to make a few stops for me to stretch my little legs. If you’re wondering about Lola she did fine. Because she wouldn’t leave my lap the entire time….

We tried to go to this bakery that Bobby’s dad has been to when he was younger, but silly me didn’t look at their hours and they are closed on the weekends so unfortunately we will miss out on what I hear are awesome donuts (it’s about an hour from bar harbor and we don’t feel like doing that drive again)

We we super lazy the rest of the day after setting the site up. We cooked ourselves dinner and made s’mores

You know what I learned while on our trip? There is a difference of wood that you burn when camping…there is camp wood and hard wood…you can determine the type of wood by the tree leaves. I found it interesting.

Sunday, we ended up going to Acadia Visitor Center and buying a pass for the week. Which was the best decision we made, we were able to do so many things with that pass and I can wait to get into detail later this week about the awesome trails that we did throughout the week.

Until Next Time,