Bar Harbor….Here We Come!

We are en route to Bar Harbor, Maine folks! I can’t tell you how excited I am to spend the next 9 days with just my man and my pup. We hit the road at 6:00 am this morning and the plan is to be in Bar Harbor and checked into the campground by 1:30pm. It’s about a 6 hour drive form here and that’s without some pit stops to take in the beautiful scenery and let Lola do her business.

One of our resons for picking this trip was to have a super low key trip just the two of us, also for bobby to get his fix of fishing since we have been jam packed with activities lately that he hasn’t been able to do much fishing this summer, and last but certainty not least LOBSTER & BLUEBERRIES.

Can I just tell you guys that before any trip we plan out all the places we are going to eat at….because let’s be serious all vacations should be planned around the best food spots in the area. So now that that’s settled we cant wait to eat all of the fresh lobester and lobseter rolls Maine has to offer.

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McMorrow Wedding Recap <3


Our friends got married this past weekend, and we had the best night celebrating them both! Their wedding was a night wedding @ 5:30pm, it was outside during the middle of a heat wave that we have going on in New England, and it was a short & sweet ceremony with a full of energy reception. Did I mention HOSTED Sangria?! It was perfect & them in every way! Here are some pics from the evening:







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Weekend Fun

It’s Tuesday already. As always the weekends fly by in the summer – the time when you don’t want it to!

Friday, Bobby & I went out for an amazing date night. We don’t do things like that enough. We went to a restaurant on Federal Hill called Siena, by far one of my favorite restaurants in RI. If you are even in Rhode Island and want delicious Italian food. Check this place out. This was my view for the night 🙂


*blogger fail….I didn’t get any photos of the food Whooops! (guess ill just have to go back ;))

Saturday was a pretty chill day. We went out to breakfast & did our errands. Bobby did yard work and I picked up the house a bit before we headed to my grandma’s for dinner.

Sunday we had my cousins wedding. It was such a nice night to spend with my family, the more weddings I go to the more I look forward to my own someday! (hint hint Bobby) It was a beautiful location in Bristol, RI down near the water – their ceremony was on a dock & besides being extremely hot it was so beautiful. After the ceremony some nasty thunder clouds came in! which provided some pretty pictures.


That wraps up our weekend! I’m looking forward to this upcoming weekend too, with quality time being spent with my aunt & mom, another wedding, and our nephews 4th birthday party.

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July Wreath & Life Lately

I think I have mentioned on here before that I love making wreaths for our front door. For this past holiday I wanted to make something that not only was cheap but it was easy – considering I decided to make it 2 nights before the 4th of July!


I searched Pinterest for  best 4th festive wreath I could find that would take minimal time and what I found was this Clothespin Wreath. The supplies for this project are pretty easy to find at your local Walmart/Michaels and they are cheap.
  • 12 in wreath frame
  • 3 packs of clothespins ( I used a total of 54 clothespins)
  • Star foam stickers
  • red, white and blue acrylic paint
  • paint brush
  • hot glue gun & glue

To make the wreath you start by separating your clothespins. For my wreath I painted 15 blue, 22 white and 17 red. Next step is to paint them. I did it the best way I thought by using a foam brush & acrylic paint (I have so many colors lying around the house). I painted the whole clothes pin, where as many of the tutorials said you only had to paint the areas that are visible (better safe then sorry in my opinion). Once all of the clothespins are painted & DRY, you can assemble the wreath. I started by placing all of the blue clothespins on the wreath. Then as you can see in the photo above I alternated the red & white. please do it how ever you want but I did 4, 4, 5. The last step is to hot glue the star stickers!

See how simple and cute this project was?! If only all of the holiday wreaths I attempt to make were that easy. I don’t have that luck, but one could also argue that I should pick easier wreaths. HA.

The past few weekends have been hectic and I can easily say that it wont be changing any time soon. This past weekend I had a bachelorette party for a great friend, and Lola got spayed (my poor baby), but she is doing great! Tonight we have Date Night, which I am so happy for (it feels like we haven’t been out to a nice dinner in awhile – Thanks Providence Restaurant Week!) We have back to back weddings with one on Sunday and another Next Saturday. We have our Nephews 4th birthday party, and then we head to Bar Harbor, Maine for our summer vacation.

I cant wait to fill you guys in on all the fun that’s coming up 🙂

Hope you all have a fabulous weekend!

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Fourth of July Weekending


The struggle is real today!  This past weekend is one of my favorite weekends of the year and it’s mostly because of fireworks. They are my FAVORITE! Some photos from our weekend! I hope you all had a fabulous day and weekend, I sure did 🙂

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