Friday’s are My Favorite


Welcome back Friday. I haven’t posted one of my Friday favorites in a while – but today I’m back at it.

  1. THE MOST IMPORTANT – My aunt comes home for a week tomorrow. We are going to be dog sitting her awesome pup Belle until they move home in July. So we get to have her as a roomie for a few days next week!
  2. Next weeks festivities – Dixie Chicks & Matilda – can I just tell you how freaking excited I am! Look for a post recapping the both of them.
  3. This Summer Trifle. We have a BBQ this weekend and I signed us up for dessert. This is my dish I am going to bring. I am thinking of switching the blueberries out for strawberries.
  4. This super cute romper from Target. This is my first romper purchase and I actually like the way this one fits. I have always had the hardest time looking nice in a romper.

I hope the start to your summer is as fun-filled as mine. While I do wish I had some time to relax I am loving getting out and about with our family & friends.

Until Next Time,



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