Summer Bucket List

Is it just me or did May go by in a blink of an eye?!  Summer is un-offically here now that memorial day is over and I am beyond excited for what this summer has in store. We started the summer with our annual Memorial Day Cookout and it was a blast! Once Memorial Day has passed I am in full on Summer mode so wanted to share with you guys my bucket list for this summer!

  1. Try a few new restaurants near the beach – BLU on the Water and Nautika Restaurant & Bar
  2. Attend the Washington County Fair
  3. Red Sox Game @ Fenway
  4. Boston Pizza Tour
  5. Cape Trips
  6. Celebrate our anniversary somewhere special
  7. Mini Road Trip to Philly
  8. Six Flags New England (now that my roller coaster partner is back home)
  9. Go to Block Island with the family.
  10. Run a 5K
  11. Settle on a work-out routine. I’ve gained way to much weight and I need to cut it out.


It doesn’t seem like there’s much on my list – but a lot of our weekends are already booked with things (Cookouts, Bachelorette Parties, 5K’s, and Weddings). It’s crazy how all Winter we wish for Summer to be here and once it’s here I wish it would just slow down.

I’ll leave you guys with some photos of our Memorial Day Cookout!

Until Next Time,



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