Friday Already?!

Hi Friends!


I don’t really know where the time is going lately. I feel like I have so much I want to blog about but finding the time to sit and do it just doesn’t happen. What made me start to blog is wanting to remember all of the amazing things we do, even if they are so small and I love reading the ladies that commit to blogging throughout the week, I hope to one day be as motivated as they are! On to my favorites for the week….

  1. Fruity Crisp Oreos! If you haven’t tried them yet..go right now to the closest target/grocery store and get some. You’ll thank me later.
  2. We took Lola Swimming for the first time ❤ Gosh she is the cutest dog ever (I know i’m biased) she loved it so much. We have a trip to Bar Harbor planned for the end of July so I wanted to get her used to the water so we can do all of the dog friendly activities in Maine we can.
  3. Have you all heard about all of the settlements going on for online purchases…well I got one for Barnes and Noble, WINNING. Even though I haven’t been reading as much as I want to I was able to get 4 books that are on my #popsugarreadingchallange super excited to get them!

Have a FABULOUS weekend ladies!

Until Next Time,



Lovin Life

Hi Friends! I don’t know about you but my summer has been great so far! Having Lola is so nice because it gets us outside every weekend to do something active – our plan this weekend since we have a house guest (my aunts dog belle) is to head to one of the many state parks in the area and let the dogs swim and play & bobby can throw some casts.

This week I checked another concert off my list – THE DIXIE CHICKS! I can’t tell you how excited I was to see one of my FAVORITE childhood bands live. We went with Bobby’s Aunt Missy & her boyfriend Joe. Can I just tell you that my inner fan girl was all out that night, I probably looked like a crazy woman. It was really such an amazing show & they sounded and looked great.


I was clearly spoiled this week, because the next night I  went into Boston with my gram to see Matilda the Musical. Since I can remember my Gram and I have gone to see at least one show a year and it’s nice to spend that quality time with her. We had dinner, did some shopping, and enjoyed each others company having a cup of coffee at a nice place outside the theater. Matilda is in my top 5 shows that we’ve seen.


Here’s also some things i’m lovin this week! I hope you all make the best of the weekend and spend quality time with the ones you love! I’ll for sure be making time for one of the most important men in my life…my dad! 🙂

  1. Thanks to one of my favorite blogging ladies Kate @ The Small Things Blog – She posted this recipe for a delicious looking skillet cookie.
  2. If you know me you know my obsession with candles. I saw this article on pop sugar with Candles That Smell Like Your Favorite Desserts and will be making a few purchases from the list sometime soon.
  3. I had the BEST Pastrami from Beantown Pastrami this week. If you are ever in Boston and travel over to the Boston Public Market – definitely try out one of their sandwiches.

Until Next Time,


Friday’s are My Favorite


Welcome back Friday. I haven’t posted one of my Friday favorites in a while – but today I’m back at it.

  1. THE MOST IMPORTANT – My aunt comes home for a week tomorrow. We are going to be dog sitting her awesome pup Belle until they move home in July. So we get to have her as a roomie for a few days next week!
  2. Next weeks festivities – Dixie Chicks & Matilda – can I just tell you how freaking excited I am! Look for a post recapping the both of them.
  3. This Summer Trifle. We have a BBQ this weekend and I signed us up for dessert. This is my dish I am going to bring. I am thinking of switching the blueberries out for strawberries.
  4. This super cute romper from Target. This is my first romper purchase and I actually like the way this one fits. I have always had the hardest time looking nice in a romper.

I hope the start to your summer is as fun-filled as mine. While I do wish I had some time to relax I am loving getting out and about with our family & friends.

Until Next Time,


My Favorite Spot: Our DIY Fire Pit

One of The most important item on my never ending honey-do list was to put in some sort of outdoor fire pit & area.  We have a pretty decent back yard – and Bobby and I are home bodies, so having a place where we can invite our friends to hang out was really important to us. Since we moved in (almost 2 years ago) there always seemed to be something more important on the list and our fire pit project kept getting put off – until this spring when I wanted it done before our Annual Memorial Day Cookout.

Unless you live under a rock – you’ve probably seen the hundreds of options on Pinterest. We took ideas from all that we liked and kinda did our own thing. We like doing it that way because you don’t have to follow any steps 😉  Building the fire pit & surrounding area turned out to be quite an easy project.  (Easy for me at least, my love was the one doing all the hard work)


How to Build A Fire Pit


1. Chose an open spot in your back yard, make sure it is far enough away from trees, bushes, grass and other flammable items.

2. If you are plan to create a square sitting area similar to ours, you might want to mark out the area first using a measuring tape and marking the ground with spray paint.
 3. Use rake and or shovel to clear out grass and debris and smooth out fire pit area.
4. Lay out your first layer of retaining wall bock directly on the ground. Make sure you find the center of the square before laying this down.
5.  Stack the second and third layer of retaining wall block.
6.  If creating a seating area, add the rest of your gravel, back filling around the fire pit.  Smooth out, add chairs, outdoor lighting and enjoy!
Until Next Time,

Summer Bucket List

Is it just me or did May go by in a blink of an eye?!  Summer is un-offically here now that memorial day is over and I am beyond excited for what this summer has in store. We started the summer with our annual Memorial Day Cookout and it was a blast! Once Memorial Day has passed I am in full on Summer mode so wanted to share with you guys my bucket list for this summer!

  1. Try a few new restaurants near the beach – BLU on the Water and Nautika Restaurant & Bar
  2. Attend the Washington County Fair
  3. Red Sox Game @ Fenway
  4. Boston Pizza Tour
  5. Cape Trips
  6. Celebrate our anniversary somewhere special
  7. Mini Road Trip to Philly
  8. Six Flags New England (now that my roller coaster partner is back home)
  9. Go to Block Island with the family.
  10. Run a 5K
  11. Settle on a work-out routine. I’ve gained way to much weight and I need to cut it out.


It doesn’t seem like there’s much on my list – but a lot of our weekends are already booked with things (Cookouts, Bachelorette Parties, 5K’s, and Weddings). It’s crazy how all Winter we wish for Summer to be here and once it’s here I wish it would just slow down.

I’ll leave you guys with some photos of our Memorial Day Cookout!

Until Next Time,