Thank god it’s the weekend. I am in much need of catching up on some sleep since getting Lola.

This week the spring weather has really started to show up so my allergies are in over drive. Thumbs down. I hate allergies. But it’s making me think of so many things we need to do around the house and things that I want to buy for the warmer weather!

Here are some of my favorites from this week:IMG_5395

  1. Being able to bring Lola to work. I could get used to bring your dog to work Friday’s. She is the best behaved little girl in the world. Here’s her on our way to work this morning!
  2. This tomato print. We are (I am) working on putting a gallery wall in our dining room. I want it to be rustic foodish. Hopefully I will have a post soon with how we did it and the layout we picked.
  3. This swim suit is the cutest one I’ve seen so far. I love the higher waist “midkini” since my problem area is my love handles.
  4. Heading to New Haven this weekend to meet up with my friend Brittany for the Cherry Blossom Festival.

Have a great weekend!





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