Weekend Recap

This past weekend was our last weekend puppy free.  We spent the weekend enjoying the quiet before our furbaby gets here on Saturday.

Friday night both Bobby and I went out with friends. My friend Holly and I went out to dinner and got some Hibachi! We also got this amazing drink for two. We also tried to go to Hobby Lobby, but we were unaware that the store closes at 8pm, what store closes that early on a Friday night?!


Saturday, I spent the day with my gram. We go every year to a Broadway show in Boston and this time we saw The Sound of Music. It was AMAZING. We started our day off at the Boston Public Market with some lunch and shopping. Then headed to the famous Mike’s Pastry for some sweets. We are pro’s at navigating our way through Boston, but it was a horrible rainy day so we just took the T.

Sunday we went to finish getting our fur baby some things. She now has everything she needs to be happy in our home, especially the love she is going to get from me and Bobby. We are SOOOO excited to get her and cannot wait until she comes home!

Until Next Time,




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