Thank god it’s the weekend. I am in much need of catching up on some sleep since getting Lola.

This week the spring weather has really started to show up so my allergies are in over drive. Thumbs down. I hate allergies. But it’s making me think of so many things we need to do around the house and things that I want to buy for the warmer weather!

Here are some of my favorites from this week:IMG_5395

  1. Being able to bring Lola to work. I could get used to bring your dog to work Friday’s. She is the best behaved little girl in the world. Here’s her on our way to work this morning!
  2. This tomato print. We are (I am) working on putting a gallery wall in our dining room. I want it to be rustic foodish. Hopefully I will have a post soon with how we did it and the layout we picked.
  3. This swim suit is the cutest one I’ve seen so far. I love the higher waist “midkini” since my problem area is my love handles.
  4. Heading to New Haven this weekend to meet up with my friend Brittany for the Cherry Blossom Festival.

Have a great weekend!





DIY Herb Garden & Lola

Happy Marathon Monday Friends!

This weekend was a fun one with the amazing weather and spending time with my little family. We are in full force of trying to get our yard prettied up and this weekend we went and bought all of the things we needed to replace our mailbox! I’ll be showing you the before and after picture of it in a future post but it had to be done so i’m glad we are finishing it this week.

I also read a AMAZING post from Rose & Co Blog Kylie’s blog is one of my most favorite to read. I feel like we would be besties if I lived in Arkansas. She made a DIY Herb garden and I’ve been wanting to do one for awhile and this sparked my ambition to do it this weekend.

It was a super quick project that was also cheap. I bought the planters at Lowes and the herbs and soil at Wal-Mart. What I liked about this is that you don’t need a lot of space, we ended up screwing ours to the railings of our deck! So not only is it pretty but its out of the way and not taking up so much space. It’s super simple to assemble too, just drill some holes into the bottom of the planter, drill the planter to the deck and then label and add your herbs and soil and tada you have this awesome looking herb garden.


I don’t like a lot of herbs, I love a lot of flavor but sometimes to me herbs are really overpowering. So I ended up going with the 5 I use the most: thyme, parsley, rosemary, mint, and basil. I’m looking forward to making a few things with these herbs such as a nice pesto sauce, soup and a mojito.


What you need: black planters, potting soil, paint markers, herbs.


We also have been trying to socialize Lola as much as possible. She is such a smart and loving puppy already! We took her to Bass Pro Shop and Lowes this weekend and she loved all the attention she got from people and other dogs.


Hope you all had an amazing weekend!

Until Next Time,



Meet our New Addition – Lola <3

I have the best news ever today…I became a puppy mom! After wanting a dog for pretty much my whole life (my parents are cat people) I finally have my dog fur baby. The newest addition to our family goes by Lola, be prepared to see photos of her on here probably more than anything else. We knew we would get a dog eventually and after much research of adopting or buying, we chose to go send in an application to a local rescue for our little lady.

To get our little love we went through PAWS New England a full volunteer rescue.  We got our babe saturday morning, and I couldn’t be happier sitting here on the couch watching her cuteness get adjusted to her home – we wanted to get her Friday afternoon, but her foster works full time so first thing saturday it was. We wanted as much time to get her adjusted to us and the house before we has to work again, so I took today as a work from home day.

Breed: Because her mom was a rescue, they do not know her exact breed – they are guessing that she is a Border Collie Mix. Eventually I think we will do a DNA test, just so we are aware of any medical issues that could potentially be hereditary.

From: He mother came to PAWS New England from Memphis, TN and she was fostered with her amazing foster mom and siblings in Dedham, MA until we picked her up. She has 2 sisters and 4 brothers. See pictures below of all of the cuties! (if I could have them all I totally would)

Weight: I am so happy that the rescue took pictures of her. When she was born she was only 13.9oz, she was so tiny! When we applied for her she was only 5 weeks and weighed only 5 pounds. We have a appointment set up with the vet this coming week so we can meet them and find out all medical things about her.

Name: She came to us originally as Rachel, her and her siblings are names after Friends characters. We knew we didn’t want so much of a human name so we talked for two weeks on what we were going to name her. We had so many suggestions from our family and friends. (Lucy, Luna, Bailey, Khloe, Leah, and soooo many more) I have had Lola as a name in my head for a LONG time and luckily Bobby agreed and liked the name as much as I did.

She is such a loving and smart girl and we are so happy to have her as part of our family. She is giving me a run for my money today, but she’s totally worth it.

Until Next Time,




Weekend Recap

This past weekend was our last weekend puppy free.  We spent the weekend enjoying the quiet before our furbaby gets here on Saturday.

Friday night both Bobby and I went out with friends. My friend Holly and I went out to dinner and got some Hibachi! We also got this amazing drink for two. We also tried to go to Hobby Lobby, but we were unaware that the store closes at 8pm, what store closes that early on a Friday night?!


Saturday, I spent the day with my gram. We go every year to a Broadway show in Boston and this time we saw The Sound of Music. It was AMAZING. We started our day off at the Boston Public Market with some lunch and shopping. Then headed to the famous Mike’s Pastry for some sweets. We are pro’s at navigating our way through Boston, but it was a horrible rainy day so we just took the T.

Sunday we went to finish getting our fur baby some things. She now has everything she needs to be happy in our home, especially the love she is going to get from me and Bobby. We are SOOOO excited to get her and cannot wait until she comes home!

Until Next Time,



Friday Fav’s

HELLO FRIDAY & HELLO APRIL!  We are in my second favorite season and the countdown is on until we get our pup. This is going to be such a busy month for us. We get our baby a week from tomorrow, I have The Sound of Music with my gram, we see Kevin James, and it’s my alma maters alumni weekend, and much more, so my month is full of fun activities to blog about! Here’s what has my attention this week:


  1. Getting dinner and having some girl time with my friend Holly tonight.
  2. I am working on a gallery wall for our dining room so I have been collecting things for it for the past few weeks, I am going to be making this Dahlia Paper Wreath to bring some creativity to the wall.
  3. This article about Sangria…enough said. I’ll be trying all of them.

Until Next Time,