Easter 2016 Recap

I hope you all had a great Easter weekend my friends! We had a great weekend filled with bowling, jellybean eating, and time with loved ones.

On Friday, we took our nephews overnight. We are the cool Aunt & Uncle and took them out to dinner and bowling. Let me tell you, taking two kids out for a night is not cheap. But all that matters is that they had a great time and it is one of the best things to spend time with them. It’s also really nice to watch Bobby with them. (he’s going to be a great dad someday) We went home and watched a movie and then we went to bed.

Saturday I had plans with my friend Danielle. We had lunch at one of my favorite RI restaurants – The Beef Barn. Then we were going to go wine tasting – but we got to the place and it was REALLY small and they were in the middle of a tasting so we waited a few minutes for the gentleman to finish with the group. He finished his story and then he didn’t even acknowledge us! We felt so awkward that we just left. I guess next time we will call in advance, if we try to go back. I then took her to another favorite place of mine….Wrights Dairy Farm. Since she is from New York she’s never had coffee milk (it’s a Rhody thing) but I think she’s hooked after her first time trying it!

I feel like a horrible blogger because I didn’t get any photos from Easter except for our breakfast – cinnamon buns and coffee milk <3. We slept in that morning – which for us is a miracle because we never sleep past 6:30. I had a few more things to get ready before Easter Dinner so I did that and got ready while Bobby went to fish. We had dinner at Bobby’s parent’s house with his family and my parents. It is so nice to be able to not have to split the holiday and just go to one place and see everyone. I love family time and it’s even more special now that I have not only my family to share it with but Bobby’s too.

Until Next Time,



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