Where You Should Eat: Chomp Kitchen and Drinks

If you guys are ever in the small state of RI you need to check out this local spot in Warren, RI. Chomp Kitchen and Drinks. It’s a restaurant I’ve been wanting to try for a while now after seeing them on a local foodie show called Phantom Gourmet. They serve all from scratch items, and I wasn’t disappointed. We went with friends of ours and it was such a good time.

Good Food. Good Drinks. Good Friends. Good Times.

I had been looking at the menu for a week before we went and knew before we even got there that I wanted the Mac  & Cheeseburger – I mean look at how delicious it looks with the Mac & Cheese pouring out of the burger. My other half, Bobby got the biggest burger on the menu (no surprise there) called the Stack 4.0 – and let me tell you it was big, he ended up eating it with a fork.

Chomp also makes their own ketchup, which was different. I didn’t really care for it as it was really sweet and you could totally taste the fennel. So thank god they had some good ole Heinz ketchup!  We also got the Frickles (fried pickles) and no lie they were some of the best ones I’ve had and they were served with the most creamy buttermilk ranch dipping sauce. And one last thing that makes this little local joint great – they serve all craft beers!

If you’re ever in the area and check this place out let me know what you think! And any of my fellow New Englanders, if you have a place I should try let me know – I’m always down for finding a new yummy restaurant!

Until Next Time,



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