Happppy Friday!

Hello my fellow bloggers,

Today’s Friday Fav’s has me super excited. It has been a really good week at work – landed us a hot lead in the middle of the week and my boss had a meeting with them yesterday – the lead pretty much said “the opportunity is yours to lose” and there is no way I plan on losing it. We are going out to try this new place for dinner with our friends Holly & Brett. I looked at their menu last night and I only have two words for you – Mac&Cheese Burger. So on to my list!

  1. Whole 30 Sloppy Joes.  MOST of the time I eat really healthy and when I don’t I love to find healthier versions of what unhealthy dish I want. I have made this many time, and let me just tell you, it’s so much better than manwich. Give it a try I promise you will love it.
  2. This post on Friendship Breakups. This had me feeling all the feels. There are a few friendships that have ended that I wish didn’t but things happen the way they are supposed to and I am a firm believer that people come into your life for a reason.
  3. LAST BUT NOT LEAST…..WE ARE GETTING A PUPPY! We sent in our application Monday and pending our home visit with the adoption place we will take our girl home in a few weeks. I can’t tell you guys how excited I am, I am keeping my fingers crossed that everything goes fine and we get her – which I’m sure it will. Be sure to check back and see how cute she is once I get some more photos 🙂

Until Next Time,



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