Favorites on Friday !

Today’s Friday Favorites are brought to you buy Jillian Harris….well brought to you by her ‘whats in my closet’ post and her amazing blog because I bought an item on her list and I’m dying to try a float she posted as well. She was by far one of my favorite ladies ever on the Bachelor & Bachelorette and I love Love it or List it Vancouver.

  1. I bought this beautiful Spring Scenery Floral Maxi Dress to wear for my cousins wedding in July. I may actually wear it for other occasions but I bought it with her wedding in mind.
  2. This Strawberry Coconut Cream Float looks so delicious. Now that we have had a taste of spring/summer weather here in Massachusetts, I am ready for all the food/drinks/fires that come with the beautiful weather.
  3. I’ve just recently started doing the BBG workouts. I have had the workouts for a while, but let me tell you they are not easy. I feel like I had to work up the strength to do the pre-training. But this week I did the whole weeks worth of exercising and I am pretty dam proud.

Hope you all have a fabulous weekend. I’m looking forward to mine 🙂

Until Next Time,




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