Friday Fav’s

TGIF….This week I feel like I’ve been hit by the struggle bus, it’s been the type of week where you just have no motivation to do anything and need to have 3 cups of coffee everyday. But it’s Friday and my boss is taking us out to lunch today and I have two days to look forward to just relaxing. Here are some of my favorite things from this week!

  1. Made these delish Low-Card Baked Chicken Tenders and they we really so good. Instead of coating them with breadcrumbs, you use Parmesan cheese. Anything that involves cheese is great in my book.
  2. Target is having their BOGO on bathing suits and I still don’t want to think about wearing them until I loose about 10 more lbs, but I am loving these two suits…One Piece & Two Piece
  3. Fuller House…I haven’t been binge watching like almost every other person that subscribes to Netflix, but it’s not that bad. I don’t think it is amazing but I like how they focus more on an adult audience with some of their humor and it is very nostalgic. I will deff. keep watching and will patiently wait until season 2.

Until Next Time,



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