One of my favorite blogging ladies Maryssa Albert posted this survey about her valentine, and I couldn’t pass up the chance to take the time to answer the questions about mine. He’s the best, and I am so thankful that he’s my valentine 🙂


1. Where did you meet your other half?
A Party!

2. How long have you been w/ your significant other?
Four years this year.

3. If you’re married, when did you say “I do”?

4. What song did you walk down the aisle to?
I would like to walk down the aisle to Michael Buble’s cover of Can’t Help Falling in Love

5. Do you have any children?

6. What’s your favorite thing about your other half?
He has a big heart. He would do anything for me, or anybody else. He is all around the most amazing guy, the list could go on forever.

7. Were you & your other half high school sweethearts?
Unfortunately not. We lived in separate states and he’s three years older, but he was quite the stud in many of the pictures I have seen!

8. Where was your first date?
I could never forget, we went to chili’s and then mini golf! Typical first date stuff.

9. How long were you dating before you said “I love you”?
We weren’t together that long. We were wrestling and I told him I hated him, then told him I loved him in the same sentence.

10. How long were you dating your other half before they proposed?

11. Where is your favorite place you have traveled w/ your other half?
My favorite vacation to date has been our trip to Baltimore.

12. How do you & your other half usually spend Valentine’s Day?
I usually make him breakfast in bed and we do dinner. Last year was the first year in our home and we spent it having Uncle Tony’s and watching Redbox.

13. What does your favorite ‘date night’ consist of?
Food. We love to go try new places together and rate them afterwords. and movies, we love to watch then but hardly make it until the end of them.

14. What is the best gift you have received from your other half?
I don’t have a specific favorite, but I love when he gives me a card with something meaningful written in it.

Until Next Time,



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