Travel Goals 2016

With every New Year comes new goals. Whether it be fitness, personal, or travel, and while I have made some of each, the ones I want to share with you are mine and Bobby’s travel goals for this year. I’m sure we wont get to all of them, but one can hope!

Bar Harbor:ย 

Both Bobby and myself love the outdoors, and this year we want to take the time to go up to Maine and camp. I have heard amazing things from friends and family about Bar Harbor and Acadia National Park, so our plan is to take a tip there this year.


With my Aunt moving back this year, we want to take one last trip to the PNW. I really love it up there but I highly doubt after my Aunt moves home that we will take any other trips back there. So this is one of our top trips we want to take.


Dream Vacation. Bobby and I have been together for four years this August – so we want to try to take a nice trip around our anniversary.


Bobby is a die hard falcons fan….so a trip to see them play would be important to him. They rarely come to New England so we try to travel to see them once a year. ย A few years ago we went to see them play in Baltimore.


Until Next Time,



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