Goodbye 2015 & Hello 2016

And now that the mini vacation is over, 2015 is behind us and 2016 is here… a whole 361 days ahead of us to make new memories and have many new adventures. Saying goodbye to 2015 was kinda hard (even though we were in bed before the ball dropped), it was one hell of a year. In some ways it was exactly how I thought it would be, but in other ways it brought a lot of unexpected things good and bad. I really feel that 2015 went by with a blink of the eye!

But as fast as 2015 went, I feel like I will have so much to look forward to in 2016. We have many things we want to get done with our house, we have many vacations we want to take, I REALLY want to get a dog, my family is moving back to the east coast, and my best friend moved back home and is now only a 15 minute drive away again, so that means more crazy adventures for us, and many more things.

And of course with all that i’m looking forward to this year, there is also a great amount of reflecting on how things have turned out this past year…


January: I started a new job! I am so happy with the company and the changes that have happened since I was hired a year ago this week!

Got to check a concert off my bucket list…GARTH BROOKS!



April: I went on my first business trip to Nashville! I will be going back again this year in May and I am super excited.  I lost my grandpa, which was the hardest thing I had to go through this year.

May: I turned the big 2-5! Officially am a quarter of a century 🙂

June/July: We went our our first trip to Seattle, to visit my family!

August: Bobby and I celebrated our 3 years! We went to the cape and enjoyed some us time by the canal and getting in our last trip to the cape.

October: Saw Cinderella with my Gram, friends of ours got married, went on a wine tasting corn maze, went to the Big E, and attended our family friends annual Halloween party. The fall is by far my favorite time of year 🙂

December: Got our first real tree, hosted my first annual Ornament Exchange, Went to the light boat parade with my gram, attended our friends annual Christmas yankee swap, went to see lights at the heritage museum, and spent so much time with our families!


So here’s to 2016, cant wait to see what you have in store for me!

Until Next Time,



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