Fall DIY Wreath

It is unofficially fall since it’s after labor day. Finally. Fall is my favorite season. I am so happy the summer is pretty much over. We have been dealing with our second heat wave of the season and it’s September, I’m ready for the sweater and legging weather that’s for sure.

To celebrate fall almost being here in full swing, I made a fall wreath to hang on our front door! I have been pinning wreaths for the past few months, and I told Bobby that we are probably going to have a new wreath on our door every month going forward. What I love about the wreath I choose to do for this month is the combo of leaves, burlap, and gold.


To make one of your own you’ll need:

  •  a wreath
  • fake leaves (I bought these fake leaf decor at Wal-Mart and cut the leafs off)
  • burlap cut into desired size strips
  • hot glue
  • a monogram covered in the color of your choice (I choose a glittery gold color)

Start by making your burlap strips into loops by hot gluing the ends together. (be careful with your fingers, I burnt mine a few times when connecting the ends) Start layering your pieces on, I followed the directions from the tutorial I found and started from the outside and working in. But it’s DIY, you really have unlimited options on how you want to place your leafs and burlap! Once you get to the middle, make a little background for the monogram to sit on. I did this by using extra leafs and gluing a few burlap loops together and placing the monogram on top. And that’s it. It was easy, cheap, and quick to make.


Until next time,