Vacation – Part 2

We are sitting in the airport getting ready to head home and I am both sad and happy.  I love visiting with my family but I definitely do miss my parents and house and everyone at home. It was such a great vacation, and we were so busy it flew by.

Let me tell you, in all my trips to Washington, it has NEVER been as hot as it was this week. We heard people all week say that it was record breaking weather.


We went to a Strawberry Festival on Sunday in Bellevue while we were here and it wasn’t as great as I expected. I thought it would be strawberry overload and it wasn’t at all.  We ended up doing more driving to get there and home then we actually spent at the festival….at least we got a few good photos out of it.



Monday we went to the water park and go to watch Collin at his soccer practice.  I wish he had a game while we were in Washington, I sure do love watching that kid do what he loves.  We also went to Jack in the Box for the first time!

Tuesday was the by far the day I was most excited for. I love going into the city and we got to spend the whole day just walking around showing Bobby how awesome Seattle is. We went to the Space Needle, Top Pot, Pikes Place, the Crab Pot and Lick Pure Cream! It was such an amazing day.

IMG_3363 IMG_3370 IMG_3372 IMG_3377 IMG_3383 IMG_3390 IMG_3392 IMG_9205

IMG_9135 IMG_9152 IMG_9156  IMG_9226 IMG_9239 IMG_9243

Wednesday was the most relaxing day we had by far. The next day we were heading into Leavenworth for two days so we took it easy. We got Papa Murphy’s for dinner. If I could recommend one restaurant from Washington that they bring to Massachusetts it would be Papa Murphy’s for sure.

I will give an entire post to describe how amazing Leavenworth was.

Hope everyone had an amazing 4th of July!! Today was pretty laid back for us since we are heading back home.