Summer 2015

I’ve seen a few other cute blogs that I follow doing this, and decided to join in on making my summer bucket list! Here are the 10 things I would like to accomplish this summer:

1. Take a day trip to the cape – Some of my favorite days are the ones were Bobby and I take off to the cape, so this is a must

2. Do a wine tasting (or a few) – There are 2 winery’s that I wanna check out this summer: Nashoba Valley Winery & Sakonnet Vineyards. My parents also mentioned trying Diamond Hill Vineyards

3. Go to a farmer’s market – Sharon/Crescent Ridge Farmers Market in particular

4. Complete some DIY projects – There are so many projects I want to tackle that I have on my pinterest

5. Bike ride the whole Cape Cod Canal – it will be a killer workout

6. Camp – It’s been a few years since I have been, and i’m getting the itch to go escape for a few days

7. Have dinner at BLU On The Water

8. Go to Six Flags

9. Go to the Washington County Fair – more specifically – Friday Aug. 14th

10. Go to the drive in

Does anyone else have a list of things they wanna do this summer?!




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